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Stay Cool With Art Cool


A little while back, Tim from receiving and I put together a video on LG’s “Art Cool” mini-split air conditioning systems.  These units can help you stay cool in this current heat, and they also look awesome.

With LG’s Art Cool systems, you can transform your air conditioner into a piece of art. Art Cool offers all the advantages of standard mini-split systems while giving users unmatched design flexibility.

Like all ductless mini-split systems, Art Cool installations include indoor evaporator units connected to outdoor condensers with refrigerant line-sets and electrical wire. This set up eliminates noise, wiring, and ductwork from the living space.

There are 3 options in the Art Cool line. Single-zone picture frame models, with 9,000 and 12,000 BTU options, display a painting or photograph of your choice. You can use their customizable art panel to enhance the appearance of any room.

Another single zone option is the Art Cool mirror units that provide a more traditional look and are a stylish alternative to the standard white.

Finally, Flex Multi Split Art Cool units work as part of multi-zone systems. They come with a black mirror front panel but are customizable with the ability to change the panel if desired. The extra panels are sold separately and come in a variety of styles to match your room or décor.

All three units come in air conditioning and heat pump models. Heat pump mini-split units can provide heating as well as cooling, but are generally not capable of serving as the sole heat source.

All the units also come with mounting brackets and a wireless remote control.  Check out the video below for some pictures of these units in action!


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