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Sound the Alarm! Zoeller’s APak System Protector


Your neighbors probably told you their nightmarish tale about the week they hosted Christmas and their sump pump overflowed… all over their basement. There was no alarm to notify them—nor did Santa cover the cost of repairs. I’ve gotten calls like that, too. Well, Zoeller manufactures a product that monitors and alerts homeowners of liquid levels in their lift pump chambers, pump basins, holding tanks, and other non-potable water systems: APak Indoor Alarm System.

There is a green “POWER ON” light, which shows when 120 volts are running to the alarm. When there is a high-water level condition, another light – a red “ALARM” one – will turn on. (Besides that, a loud horn sounds in this state. The whole point is to warn the homeowner; however, the horn can be silenced. The red light remains on until the system returns to a normal or low-level condition.) A chirping sound initiates when the unit has a low battery. To replace them, you just need two AA batteries.

Zoeller has created an entire line of these APak alarm systems with mechanical float switches for the needs of varying system. The Standard APak Indoor Alarm System with Mechanical Float Switch comes with an 87-decibel alarm, six-foot cord, LED lights in red and green, adjustable modes (AC only, DC only, AC/DC), and a compact design that’s easy to install. Its NEMA rating, like several others in this collection, is a 1. This means it should be used with an indoor application and that it provides a certain level of protection of the equipment against solid foreign objects, such as dirt.

However, there is an APak Alarm System that’s rated as a NEMA-3R. Such a rating means the enclosure is constructed for either indoor or outdoor use. It not only provides a degree of protection of the equipment from dirt, but also ingress of water (rain, sleet, and snow) and formation of ice. It also comes with a fifteen-foot alarm float switch, allowing it a longer length to hang down in the basin.

Better yet for those who are into building their own “smart” home piece by piece, Zoeller offers APak Alarm Systems that have “Z Control,” meaning they are Wi-Fi enabled. With this, you get a free app that sends free text messages, emails, and/or push notifications when there’s a power outage, low battery, any triggers, or loss of contact with Z Control. All of this at no monthly cost? Amazing.

Be sure to check the specs listed on the product page to verify which model you may need for your project. Don’t let any Christmases or any other days be soiled for your family or your finances! Stay protected and alert with Zoeller. View their products here.

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