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Sioux Chief Copper Manifolds


Brand new to are a range of Sioux Chief Copper Manifolds with Crimp or Compression Balancing Valves. Both of these styles are available with 2, 3, and 4 loops, and have brazed branches which are perfect for hydronic applications. These economic PEX manifolds will be useful for anyone from the infrequent DIY’er to the hardy professional. These manifolds are built to last and easy to install.

What makes these Sioux Chief manifolds special is that they come with balancing valves. This means that they can be used in radiant heating applications unlike standard copper manifolds.

Balancing valves are used to send different amounts of flow to different loops. More flow equals more heat. There are several situations when regulating flow can be useful. For example, a short loop will require less flow than a long loop. A well-insulated room will require less flow than a sun room.

The Compression Manifolds with balancing valves can be found in the Compression Manifolds section, and the Crimp Manifolds with balancing valves can be found in the Crimp Manifolds w/ valves section.coppermani2

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