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SharkBite Fittings: The Fittings of the Future?

Nick B

Screen-Shot-2014-09-18-at-10.25.38-AMFor almost two decades, SharkBite fittings and push-to-connect products have operated as the faster and easier alternative to more traditional fittings.  Their Push Fit technology utilizes quick setting teeth in conjunction with o-rings to create a watertight seal in seconds.  Repairs and adjustments are a breeze with the easy to use disconnect tools.

SharkBite fittings are designed with the consumer in mind.  Between their 2XL and their standard line of fittings, SharkBite is compatible with all ¼” to 2” CPVC, PEX, and copper tubing.  Certified to 200 PSI and 200°F and protected by a 25 year warranty, SharkBite holds the utmost confidence in their products.  Each and every part of the SharkBite system is tested and not only meets minimal standards, but exceeds them.

Brass Body
SharkBite uses solid forged brass bodies to fortify their strength and reliability even against corrosive chemicals.  A lower level of quality would leave the fitting vulnerable to chemically induced dezincification and leaks.

Lead Free
Other products just use a lead free plating around a lead based inside, but SharkBite chooses to uniformly exclude lead.  These fittings’ lead content comes in lower than the Federal regulations required per the Safe Drinking Water Act.

SharkBite’s o-rings are rigorously tested to ensure that they will retain their seal, beating the industry’s minimum acceptable loss of sealing force by 15%.

Chloramine Resistance
O-rings are susceptible to damage from exposure to chloramines solution (a disinfectant commonly found in water distribution systems) but SharkBite uses o-rings proven to withstand the damage typically found on other product’s o-rings.
Steel Grab Ring (Teeth)
Along with the o-ring, the grab teeth are the most important component to a successful push fitting.  SharkBite recognizes this and only uses a higher grade steel than their competition.  In order to ensure a longer hold SharkBite fittings use 316 grade stainless steel for their grab rings while most other products take cost saving route by using 304 or 301 stainless steel.

So what are your thoughts on SharkBite Fittings?  Are they reliable enough to replace the traditional means or should they only be used in a pinch?

Interested in learning more and using them yourself?  Be sure to check out for our wide selection of SharkBite Fittings and additional information about the products.


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