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SALE: 5% Off All Grease Traps – Use Code: TRAPS (Exp. 5/29/13)


SALE: 5% Off All Grease Traps – Use Code: TRAPS (Exp. 5/29/13)

Grease traps are frequently found in restaurants, and it’s often required that a grease trap be installed in any location where food is being prepared. Small amounts of grease and oil are normal in wastewater and are broken down by microorganisms. However, large amounts of oil and grease, most commonly from food production in kitchens and restaurants, may lead to serious problems. Excessive grease can result in numerous environmental issues, while congealed grease in plumbing systems may cause blocked drain pipes and sewer back-ups. Grease traps are not appropriate for removal of solid debris from water, and solid material should not be permitted to enter the grease trap. For applications in which solids are present, a solids interceptor, which prevents small solids from entering the drainage system, is recommended in conjunction with a grease trap.

Grease traps slow the flow of wastewater with the use of a holding tank. When the water is slowed down, it cools and allows the grease to separate from the water. The cooled water is then allowed to exit the grease trap while the grease is captured.

Grease traps are sold in a variety of sizes, varying by flow rate (rate of water flow through the grease trap measured in gallons per minute) and grease retention capacity (amount of grease the trap can hold measured in pounds). The capacity is always twice the flow rate. For example, a 4 GPM trap has a rated capacity of 8 pounds. Grease traps can be located above ground, below ground, inside the kitchen, or outside the building. A helpful tip to consider is grease traps must always be installed so that there is easy access to the cover for removal and cleaning. It is recommended to clean the grease trap when a grease level of 2″-3″ is obtained. The quantity of grease in the water and the capacity of the grease trap determine how frequently this level is reached.

In order to select the appropriate grease trap for your application, you only need to know the size of the sink for which the grease trap will serve.

>> Check out the Grease Trap Calculator in our Resource Center! Simply plug the dimensions of the sink and find out which grease trap is right for you.

At, we offer a wide selection of Zurn and Canplas grease traps and solids interceptors.

If you’re looking to purchase a grease trap, don’t forget to use code TRAPS by 5/29/13, and save 5%!

Check out this video to learn more about sizing your grease trap:

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