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Raising Awareness: Pink Day/No-Shave November

Nick B

Nearly every one of us has been affected by cancer or similar illnesses in some capacity.  To do our part in supporting those who need it, the team continued their yearly Pink Day and No-Shave November awareness campaigns.  For one day, we decked ourselves out in our best pink attire to help bring attention and support to everyone affected by breast cancer.  For the month of November anyone who wanted was encouraged to grow their best beard.  This culminated in the beard day where anyone who made it the entire month without shaving or brought in a beard themed decoration or dessert got a donation to men’s health charities made in honor of their work.  So naturally, plenty of people participated!  Hopefully together we can find the cures needed to eliminate cancer once and for all.


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Our company culture encourages us to take part in activities like these where we bond with one another while giving back.  Learn about what kind of company we are on the Our Team page.  When you need any plumbing, heating, or HVAC supplies, be sure to go to


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