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QuikSEER+ WattSaver


With summer upon us, the QuikSEER+ Wattsaver from Mainstream Engineering is an innovative and cost-saving electronic control that operates in the cooling mode of an existing air conditioner or heat pump.  By varying the airflow of the blower motor, this technology optimizes the airflow of the air conditioner, thus reducing the total energy consumption and improving humidity and mold control.  As the blower speed is operated at slower speeds, the humidity removal is also greater.

The QuikSEER+ does not provide a continuously variable speed selection, instead it only provides the speeds already available on a blower motor (up to 3 speeds).  The QwikSEER+ board simply decides which one to use every time the unit cycles on, rather than the installer selecting one of the speeds during the install.  This minimizes power consumption, resulting in savings.

Back in January 2013, the QuikSEER+ was rated by the U.S. Department of Energy as a cost-effective A/C solution that increases energy efficiency, and stated that, “Simply installing the QwikSEER+ WattSaver control board in line with the existing PSC blower motor now allows homeowners to increase the A/C energy efficiency rating (EER) by 8%–14%.”  Some Deluxe systems can also provide similar savings, but will cost thousands of dollars, whereas the QuikSEER+ will leave you with change from $154 at

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