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Pumpkin Pros in Ohio

Nick B

The Ohio team took a different approach to the pumpkin contest this year.  Instead of working on them in the office, everyone interested got a personal pumpkin to take home and spend as much time as they want carving.  The results were impressive.  With the extra time our co-workers took to each pumpkin, carving multiple layers to produce visual tricks that, well, I’ll just let you see for yourself in the slideshow below…

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I wasn’t exaggerating, this are some top-tier jack-o’-lanterns.  That being said, our other locations didn’t slack on their pumpkins, opting for more paint and decorations to create their works.  Check them out too!


New York’s Pumpkin Prowess

New Jersey’s Painted Pumpkins

Last Year’s Pumpkin Party


Activities like these are not only fun, but they allow us to relax and take on our jobs with more of a focus.  Learn about us and our culture on Our Team page and check out the result of all this at  We strive to be the world’s best provider of plumbing, heating, and HVAC supplies.


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