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PSA: Pumpkin Guts Bad For Plumbing

Nick B

With Halloween around the corner there will be enough frights, don’t let your plumbing become one too!  No Halloween is complete without a valiant attempt at the perfect jack-o-lantern.  If you are anything like me, that involves starting with some complicated design, creating some monstrosity that isn’t at all like the picture online, and settling for a classic face.  The end result is one trash pumpkin, a perfectly acceptable pumpkin, and a whole lot of pumpkin guts.  So naturally you go to wash your hand in a sink, right?  Wrong!  That stringy, orange mess has a knack for settling in pipes, drying up, and creating crusty clogs that the normal drain cleaning chemicals can’t get out.  This can end up costing hundreds of dollars to fix!  Here’s how to avoid all that:



– Don’t –

1) Wash your hands in the sink when covered in pumpkin bits.

2) Dump the seeds and mess down the drain, even with a garbage disposal.

3) Give up – Never give up.

– Do –

1) Put all the unwanted pumpkin parts on newspaper or a plastic bag.

2) Throw it all into the trash.

3) Wash hands with an outside hose or wipe with paper towels.

4) Roast the seeds in the oven with a little salt and butter.

If you follow these tips you should avoid any plumbing problems at the hands of of pumpkin guts.  Pretty cut and dry, just don’t put it down the sink.  Also don’t flush it down the toilet if that was your backup plan.  If someone you know (totally not you) accidentally messed up their plumbing with pumpkin guts, be sure to go to for all of your plumbing, HVAC, and heating products needs.  For any job, is here to help.

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