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Product Spotlight: EZ Route


EZ Route PEX installation panels solve several problems that can occur while setting up new in-floor hydronic radiant heating systems. The EZ Route provides a clean look for PEX as it exits a concrete slab, eliminating a potentially messy maze of lines. Each channel can accommodate both the supply and return line from one loop (in 1/2”, 5/8”, or 3/4” sizes). The EZ Route also protects PEX from the effects of linear expansion. PEX grows longer as the fluid it holds gets hotter (1.1” per 10°F rise per 100 feet of PEX). Tubing should always be sleeved as it exits a slab to prevent the wear that can occur as PEX scrapes against concrete.

EZ Route panels can be purchased at in three configurations. Each one is available with either 12-loops or 6-loops and can be cut to size with a utility knife or reciprocating saw. EZ Route Premier panels include 8” pole bar spikes to affix the unit to the ground prior to a concrete pour. EZ Route Straight panels are designed for placement above Premier panels. They keep PEX loops organized as they extend upward beyond the slab. EZ Route Radius panels are smaller. They come without any mounting materials and are ideal for joist applications.

EZ Route PEX

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