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Prevention with Nu Calgon Gas Leak Detectors


Natural gas is flammable. If there is a flame in the vicinity of a gas leak, it could lead to a fire or an explosion. While rare, gas leaks have the potential to wreak havoc with costly consequences, such as people getting injured or even dying. A couple months ago, the university in the same city as our Nevada warehouse experienced a gas leak that blew up a café and several floors of dorms. Rest assured: no students or employees were killed, however a handful were mildly injured, as this building was relatively unbusy due to summer vacation.

This event reminds us all how important it is to be mindful of gas leaks and checking our boiler systems or gas-using equipment frequently. Correct installation can also prevent any tragedies. For service technicians new to the job, or looking for an alternative tool that is both reliable and economic, Nu Calgon created a line of leak detectors to protect homes and businesses from gas leaks. Their products are non-corrosive to the metal surfaces of piping and fittings, and they function at low and high temperatures. It’s no wonder Nu Calgon are considered leaders in gas detection technology!
So, what is viscosity and what does it have to do with leak detections? Viscosity defines the thickness and consistency of a liquid. It shows resistance to flow. For instance, you are eating pancakes with your family on Saturday morning and are explaining the difference maple syrup and chocolate syrup. (It’s a bit strange that I brought up food while we’re discussing a gas leak product, I know, but bear with me.) Maple syrup moves quicker when poured than its chocolatey opponent; the latter condiment has a higher viscosity since it has more friction.
In Nu Calgon’s case, their leak detectors are viscous products that can remain on metal surfaces and support long-lasting bubbles. Small leaks are exposed by the bubbles remaining in contact with the applied surface for an extended length of time. The directions are simple: apply a generous amount around a joint in the gas line. If they are leaking, bubbles will begin to appear.
Your next gas service call could be assisted by Nu Calgon, who has three products for leak detection: Gas Leak Detector, Cal-Blue Plus/LT, or Fluorescent Gas Leak Detector. Below is a list of different characteristics in the products that may help in your selection process:

  • Cal-Blue Plus and Cal-Plus LT have dyes that do not interfere with the use of ultraviolet or blacklight detection.
  • The latter version of Nu Calgon’s leak detectors also reaches a lower temperature of -20° F compared to Cal-Blue Plus and Fluorescent Gas Leak Detectors. These only reach 5° F.
  • The fluorescent-color helps create a stronger visibility of bubbles in sunlight. If you are working outside on a hot day this summer and your eyes are tired of squinting in search of potential gas leaks from other detection liquids, this may be the product for you.
  • Both the Cal-Blue Plus and Fluorescent Leak Detectors can be used in oxygen systems. Nu Calgon does not recommend using their Regular Gas Leak Detector with liquid oxygen because of its chemical makeup.

When it comes to maintenance for your customer’s gas lines or starting a new project, make sure it’s done right the first time. Use the best suited gas leak detectors from Nu Calgon’s collection. No leaks mean no worries.

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