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Plumbers Targets for Thieves

Nick B

Thieves can harm almost any business.  Every step is vulnerable: from the front end, stealing the end products from stores, to the back end, taking the materials needed to make the products.  Plumbing companies are especially susceptible due to the expensive, portable, and easy to pawn tools needed for the job.  Smaller businesses that operate out of vans and larger ones that have storage facilities all can become targets to thieves.  The worst part is that while there are preventative measures that can be taken, they can only do so much.

Recently in the UK plumber Ian Marsh had numerous tools stolen from his van in the middle of the night.  They were locked in his van which was parked at his home, behind a gate and wall.  Fortunately his tools were insured and he captured evidence of the theft on his security camera, but he still lost a day of work while he sorted out the mess and replaced the tools.  Other people are not so lucky.

David Turner had his entire van stolen from him outside of his home.  Unlike Ian, David did not have his tools insured.  $20,000 in tools, all gone in an instant.  The van was found, but there were no tools inside, leaving David to foot the bill.  All this while his wife was 5 months pregnant!  The good news is that this theft occurred in 2014 and judging by his current Yelp page he was able to recover.

Click here to read the entire Ian Marsh story including a video of the theft.

Click here for the news story on David Turner’s ordeal.

So what do you do to protect yourself from theft?  It is a far too common issue in today’s society so some precautions are necessary.  Is locking your doors enough for you, or do you need security cameras and insurance for peace of mind?

Be sure to stop by for all of the HVAC, plumbing, and heating products need to stock up your van.  Just be sure to lock it all up once it is in there.

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