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PEX: Uponor’s Contribution to the World of Plumbing

Nick B

The modern day Uponor is the culmination of two longstanding and innovative companies.  Uponor’s origins date back to a Finnish carpentry workshop opened in 1918 while the other half, Wirsbo, began in the 1620s as a Swedish forge, crafting top quality steel and weapons for the King of Sweden.  These two companies continued to innovate and adapt throughout the years, unifying under a single brand, Uponor, in 2006.  One of their major innovations came from the early adoption of producing plastic pipes and then becoming the first company to start manufacturing PEX pipes back in 1972.  From local operations in northern Europe to an international corporation reaching over 100 countries worldwide, Uponor has positioned themselves as the premier provider of PEX plumbing and heating products.



Uponor’s PEX tubing offers a more flexible, efficient, and durable alternative to traditional piping methods.  Both Uponor’s plumbing, AquaPEX, and heating, hePEX, tubing hold a PEX-A grade, meaning it is the highest quality PEX on the market.  This tubing can be bent and curved to work in difficult spaces and resists corrosion, pitting, and scaling.  Also due to its ability to expand and contract without losing structural integrity, it resists freezing damage that can break most other pipes.  By implementing a less rigid structure there are fewer connection points, minimizing weak spots and making the noise from plumbing systems, like water hammers, practically eliminated.  Uponor’s history in the field proves its reliability and the benefits to a PEX based system prove it as a strong alternative to traditional plumbing and hydronic piping methods.



PEX tubing is lightweight, easy to repair, and doesn’t even require sweating to install, making it the easy and reliable plumbing solution.  By using Uponor’s PEX, manifolds, fittings, and other accessories a home can be fitted with a plumbing system entirely made up by Uponor products.  This creates a single brand ecosystem for the home, ensuring optimized compatibility between products.



From feeding water to radiators and baseboards to operating as the backbone for radiant heating systems, Uponor’s PEX tubing is the durable and economical option for hydronic heat applications around the world.  A unique benefit of Uponor’s hydronic tubing is that all hePEX is dual approved for use with potable water in addition to its main purposes.  While hePEX is not a cost effective method for plumbing a home, this dual approval allows for it to be used in a pinch.  This is another example of Uponor going above and beyond to make their customers’ lives easier.


ProPEX Fittings

A key member of the Uponor ecosystem is the line of ProPEX fittings.  Using a specific
tool, either the Uponor Hand Expander or Milwaukee Powered Exapansion Tool, the tubing is stretched over the fitting.  With the assistance of a ring, the tubing returns to its original size and contracts over the fitting, creating a seal.  Due to the physically demanding process, the only PEX that can be used in this process is PEX-A, Uponor’s specialty.  Due to their bigger inner diameter, ProPex fittings provide better flow than other fittings while making one of the strongest and longest lasting connections possible.


Other Applications

Uponor’s products also serve critical functions in a variety of applications around the home and in commercial buildings.  Using the same principles as the indoor radiant heating systems, they can keep sidewalks and driveways snow free with the snow and ice melt systems.  Running water through the ceiling, Uponor’s residential fire sprinkler systems protect from fires with fast acting, targeted fire suppression.  For easier installations of underground water services, Uponor has a line of pre-insulated AquaPEX and for transporting non-potable graywater there is Uponor’s AquaPEX reclaimed water tubing.  Uponor even has wireless thermostats to control their heating systems once installed.  From melting snow to putting out fires: if it involves moving a liquid, Uponor has a line of products for the job.


Want to learn more about PEX?  Check out our other blog posts about PEX tubing, fittings, and connection methods.  When you are ready to make a PEX purchase, be sure to check out our wide selection of PEX products that come with fast shipping and at industry low prices.  And as always, be sure to go to for all of your plumbing, heating, and HVAC needs.

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2 Responses to PEX: Uponor’s Contribution to the World of Plumbing

  1. MIRKO MAJIC says:

    i am not plumber and would like to repipe in my bathrooms for that reason I prefer to use sharkbite connection to pro-pex connection. Does Uponor has such type of connection on its fittings

    • Nick B says:

      Hey Mirko,

      Uponor does not make a Push Fit to ProPEX connection and neither does SharkBite. So while there is not any direct solution to you question, there are a couple of workarounds that can be of help. I don’t know your exact situation, but I’ll give you what I know. Make sure whatever you do is up to local code and if you are not comfortable with either of these solutions you should consult a pro on your specific needs.
      1) SharkBite Coupling: If you have the two pipes you want to connect a SharkBite (or any other Push Fit fitting) should be able to make the connection on it’s own. They are designed to work with Uponor tubing. Remove any preexisting fittings and attach the SharkBite.
      2) Threaded Adapters: Taking two threaded adapters (one ProPEX and one SharkBite) you’ll be able to connect the male to the female fittings, building yourself a SharkBite to ProPEX fittings. This one will be more costly than using the single SharkBite, but will be creating the direct fittings.
      I hope one of these will work for you!

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