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Painting Pumpkins in New Jersey

Nick B

The New Jersey team went all in on painting their pumpkins this year.  From a giant eyeball to Nemo, plain pumpkins transformed into unique creations.  Splitting into small groups, each team took care to bring their visions to life, relying of the talents of each member.  Take a look at the process in the slideshow below!



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Impressive, right?  Every square inch of these pumpkins was covered and while it did take quite a bit of paint, it was well worth it it.  The New Jersey team took their own spin on the classic Halloween pumpkin, even compared to the other locations.


New York’s Pumpkin Prowess

Ohio’s Pumpkin Pros

Last Year’s Pumpkin Party


Activities like these are not only fun, but they allow us to relax and take on our jobs with a more relaxed focus.  Learn more about us and our culture on Our Team page and check out the result at  We strive to be the world’s best provider of plumbing, heating, and HVAC supplies.


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