Intelligent Washing Machine Flow from Watts


Watts IntelliFlow Washing Machine Water Shut-off Valves automatically regulate hot and cold flow to washing machines. The valves sense increases in electrical current draw when a washing machine operates. This signals the valves to open in order to allow water to flow to the washing machine. The valves close when current draws fall back to normal levels. The valves are equipped with 1/2” inlet connections and standard, 120-volt power cords. No hardwiring is required, and the washing machine’s power cord connects directly to an outlet on the valve assembly. offers a recessed, wall-mount version of the valve which includes a drain connection. The leak sensor that comes with this model signals the valves to close in the event of a leak, providing additional peace of mind.


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HVAC Replacement Parts


Here at we have been very busy adding to our HVAC Replacement Parts section and have added a bunch of new brands along with hundreds of replacement parts. The new brands added include Bristol Compressors International, Century and their replacement electric motors, Packard’s range of replacement parts, Revcor fan blades, and Titan Pro’s range of Run Capacitors.

All of these parts are exactly what the top HVAC companies purchase to put in their HVAC units, and we are selling them directly to you!  Take a look through our extensive HVAC and Replacement Parts sections and get your HVAC units up and running today!


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Hydronic Kickspace Heaters


Kickspace heaters can serve as a space-saving solution in hot water heating systems. They take up a fraction of the space of baseboards or panel radiators, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms (or any other area in which baseboard installation is not possible or desirable). Kickspace heaters are usually installed on the ground (often below cabinets), but they can also be mounted on or behind walls with the help of proper surface or recessed mounting cabinets. Fluid from a hydronic system flows through the heaters. An electric blower facilitates heat transfer to the living space and boosts heat output. Diverter tees may be needed to promote sufficient water flow to a kickspace heater branched off from the main baseboard line. carries kickspace heaters from Beacon Morris and Slant/Fin.k84-1

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AirTec Air Diffusers


New to, AirTec air diffusers. AirTec from Rectorseal is a leading manufacturer of HVAC specialty products for minisplit and central air conditioning systems. AirTec is widely known in the HVAC industry for its line of uniquely designed air diffusers.

An air diffuser is an outlet for air distribution, and is usually located on the ceiling or the sidewall. They discharge the supply air in various directions, and are intended to mix the supplied air with the existing air in the room.

AirTec’s MV Classic air diffusers are strong, versatile and quiet. The one piece design eliminates the need for tedious mastic and external sealers, saving time and making installation simple. There are five grille patterns to choose from to allow optimum air flow for any room.  The stylish MV Retro design offers a simulated cast iron grille, and it has an authentic style handle which turns easily for full flow of airflow adjustment.

AirTec also offers limited clearance diffusers for side or top entry applications, and are perfect for when you find yourself in a tight squeeze. It utilizes the same construction as the MV diffusers just without the boot. We also sell AirTec’s TuffBox Register Boxes. Molded from polymers the adaptable one piece boot design of the TuffBox is flexible enough to conform to drywall backing eliminating leakage between the grille and the box.

You can find our range of Airtec Air Diffusers in our Sidewall/Ceiling Registers and Grilles section containing hundreds of products designed for supplying heated or cooled air to the room via sidewall or ceiling mounted grilles.


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The Ultra-Fin Radiant Heating System


PEX pipe suspended in joist bays below a subfloor can be used to create convection currents in the bays if installed with proper air gaps and insulation. Its affordability and compatibility with relatively high fluid temperatures make the suspended pipe installation method popular for retrofit in-floor hydronic heating systems.

The Ultra-Fin system enhances suspended-pipe installations. Ultra-Fin plates attach to 1/2” PEX or 1/2” PEX-AL-PEX, with their louvers creating even convection in the joist. Use 3” tube hangers to hang tubing in standard joist cavities and 2” hangers in short cavities or when heavy insulation needs to be put in under the pipe.

Ultra-Fins provide greater water temperature flexibility and the opportunity to use significantly less tubing than other radiant heat installation methods. Additional benefits include reduced labor time, the ability to integrate with baseboards or radiators, and the chance to run tubing parallel or perpendicular to the bays.

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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters


We’ve added a range of Noritz Tankless Water Heaters to the site.  Noritz has been an innovator of the water heating industry for over 60 years. Having introduced the first modern, electronically controlled tankless hot water heater in 1981 they remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today.

At you can find a selection of Noritz Tankless Water Heaters for commercial or residential use, and are available with Natural Gas or Propane.  With a Noritz Tankless Water Heater you will never run out of hot water, and because it heats water on demand to the set temperature almost instantaneously you will be saving energy and cutting costs. As it only operates when necessary it’s also eco-friendly.

These tankless water heaters save space, are easy to install, and use cutting-edge technology. The hot water temperature can be easily adjusted using digital remote controllers which keep the temperature stable at all times. Have a look at our Noritz collection here!


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Check Webstone First for Any Valve Needs


The name Webstone is synonymous with valves. carries the full selection of Webstone valves for plumbing and heating applications. Standard ball valves can be purchased almost anywhere, but Webstone ball valves are available with features such as drains and T-handles. The T-Flow Ball feature on many drain valves allows handles to be reversed so that flow to the drain can come from either side of the valve.

Installing a tankless water heater? Webstone’s Isolator E-X-P tankless water heater service kits can be a great choice at a fraction of the price of similar kits sold by heater manufacturers. All kits include hot and cold drain valves for isolating a tankless water heater so that maintenance can be performed without draining the plumbing system. Most kits also include a pressure relief valve, and “Complete” kits also come with a gas ball valve and 3/4″ flexible gas connector. All Webstone items with a “W” suffix meet 2014 United States lead-free requirements.

Webstone is perhaps best known for their circulator pump flanges. Standard flanges work with almost all residential circulator pumps from any brand. Webstone flanges include shut-off valves to simplify circulator maintenance and replacement. Most flanges come with optional T-handles. Some models include a drain, and others include flow-check valves for preventing thermosiphoning to zones that do not need heat. Webstone’s Expansion Tank Pro Service Valve (part 41672) greatly simplifies hydronic heating installations. It links an expansion tank to an air eliminator and make-up water supply, while also providing drainage and isolation. 


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Control Honeywell Thermostats Online


Remote access to thermostats gives users the ability to monitor HVAC equipment and make adjustments when they are away from the home or building. This can be ideal for vacation homes, landlords, or simply people who want the ability to change heating and cooling settings before arriving home.

Honeywell’s RedLINK Internet Gateway works with any of their RedLINK-enabled thermostats. The gateway wires to an internet router and communicates wirelessly with thermostats using RedLINK signals (which tend to be as reliable as wires and have been successfully tested in homes up to 10,000 square feet). The Internet Gateway allows users to control thermostats online with Honeywell’s Total Comfort Connect website and apps, which require no additional usage fees. These resources give authorized users the ability to modify system (heat, cool, off, etc.) and temperature settings for multiple zones and buildings, while allowing them to provide up to six email-alert contacts. Each Internet Gateway can handle up to four thermostats, but multiple gateways can be accessed from the same online account. RedLINK thermostats work with several other wireless accessories including indoor and outdoor sensors, the Portable Comfort Control, and (on IAQ models) humidification equipment. For line-voltage applications, Honeywell offers the RedLINK-ready EConnect system.

Honeywell also offers several Wi-Fi thermostats, including select VisionPRO and FocusPRO models. Select Wi-Fi 9000 thermostats also allow voice-command adjustments to temperature settings. These Wi-Fi thermostats do not require an Internet Gateway. Instead, they connect to a building’s available Wi-Fi network. Honeywell’s Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats are accessible from the same Total Comfort Connect website and apps. They can serve as a more affordable way to gain remote access and can frequently be wired in place of existing low-voltage thermostats (note that a common wire is needed for operation).

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We have recently added a wide range of Intermatic products to Intermatic manufactures Timers, Time Switches, and Surge Protection Controls. Since 1940, Intermatic has been focused on developing and manufacturing products that save energy.  Known for the “yellow dial time clock”, which is still popular today, Intermatic has developed and manufactured cutting edge multi-voltage, high performance, and programmable systems.

Take a look on the site and you will find our selection of Intermatic Defrost Timers, Electromechanical, Electronic, and Mechanical Time Switches, as well as In-Wall Timers. You can also find Surge Protectors used in Type 1 and Type 2 applications. Type 1 applications include outdoor installations before service entrances and utility meter cabinets. Type 2 applications include installations after service entrances. Intermatic Timers and Switches are in stock and ready to ship today!


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Honeywell AquaPUMP


The Honeywell AquaPUMP is the newest addition to Honeywell’s hydronic heating solutions.  The AquaPUMP is a 3-speed pump available in three unique model sizes.  You can find the 15, 25, and 45 GPM models here at

The AquaPUMP has a unique Twist-To-Fit universal flange which can be rotated 90 degrees for the exact fit need. This means it can replace both regular and rotated flange pumps from other competitive brands.  The AquaPUMP can be used in closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems, as well as in solar-powered systems. It is non-submersible and is for use in dry, frost-free, well ventilated installations.

Honeywell stands behind its commitment to quality with a 5 year warranty on all AquaPUMPs.  These pumps are in stock and ready to ship now at at

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Methods of Heat Transfer


Although many people assume that heat simply rises, it actually travels from warmer areas to colder areas in one of three ways: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction transfers heat through physical contact, as warmer molecules shift their energy to colder ones. Convective heat transfer occurs in fluids (liquids and gases), including air. Warmer air is less dense than cooler air and rises above it continuously, creating ongoing convection currents. In radiant heat transfer, waves of heat energy travel through space from a warmer surface to a colder surface. Radiation occurs on a daily basis whenever the rays of the sun heat people or objects on the earth. Forced air and baseboard heating systems take advantage of convection currents, which allow rooms to heat up more quickly. Systems that include radiators or in-floor tubing (radiant heat) primarily use radiation, which warms surfaces rather than only the air.

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Freeze-Protecting Garage Thermostats

Tom carries sophisticated thermostats that offer features including programmability, remote access, wireless sensors, and high-definition touchscreens. While these features can greatly enhance residential and commercial HVAC systems, more affordable basic thermostats probably make more sense for simpler jobs. Among these are garage or storage heating systems, where freeze protection, rather than comfort, is the primary goal. We offer a few different thermostats that are ideal for low-temperature/freeze-protection applications. Honeywell’s TH1100DV1000 (vertical) and TH1100DH1004 (horizontal) PRO 1000 Series thermostats feature a selectable “garage mode” that allows temperature settings as low as 35°F. These heat-only low-voltage models can be battery powered or hardwired, and have simple backlit displays. ICM Controls Frost Sentry Garage Thermostats can also be set down to 35°F and, like the aforementioned Honeywell thermostats, have a positive off switch. These thermostats can also lead to cost savings when buildings remain go unoccupied for extended periods, as they can be set 5°F to 10°F lower than standard thermostats and can be shut the system down completely.


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