Here at, we sell 8 AquaMotion pumps available in cast iron and stainless steel models, featuring the Green ECO-Cartridge design. The innovative design is incredibly efficient and will consume much less power in comparison with the market leader. AquaMotion brings decades of experience and the inventor of the wet rotor cartridge type circulator to the development of this energy-efficient selection of single and three-speed pumps.

Their revolutionary Green ECO Cartridge costs 20-40% less than competitor’s, and is the only field serviceable, replaceable cartridge. Comprised of long life stainless construction for open and closed systems, it reduces the necessity of dual inventory. It fits 95% of market leader’s pumps, making it a cost-effective solution.  It is also very simple to remove and re-install; just pull out the rotor assembly, flush the cartridge with water and put it back together!

The design of these pumps is the most efficient of any single or three-speed pump currently available. As an example, the 3-Speed AMR model (available in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel), uses 66% less power on low speed and 35% less power on high speed than the market leader. The AM7 single-speed is 33% to 54% more efficient when compared to some competitive 3-speed pumps.

You’ll find our AquaMotion range amongst our extensive Pumps & Flanges section.

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All PEX tubing carries one of three grades: PEX-A, PEX-B, or PEX-C. PEX stands for polyethylene (PE) cross-linked (X), and the grades are based on the various methods that manufacturers use to cross-link polyethylene molecules.

PEX-A represents the highest grade. Cross-linking occurs while the polyethylene is in a liquid form, resulting in even cross-links throughout the tubing. Known as the Engel or Peroxide Method, this production style yields PEX that has superior shape memory. PEX-A’s shape memory gives it several advantages, including added freeze resistance and flexibility. Kinks in PEX-A can be fixed through the application of heat from a heat gun, and only PEX-A tubing works with expansion-style fittings.

The Silane Method creates PEX-B tubing, with cross-linking occurring in solid-state polyethylene following pipe extrusion. The PEX-C Irradiation Method forms cross-links in PEX using beams of electrons after it has been shaped into tubing. This is the least common method of PEX manufacturing. PEX-B and PEX-C may be a bit stiffer than PEX-A, but are just as durable and reliable. See for more information.f1040500-1

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IW25-1 In-Wall Dehumidifiers


New to is the award winning IW25-1 In-Wall Dehumidifier manufactured by Innovative Dehumidifiers. It’s designed with the user in mind with its lock out control system, making it ideal for landlords to keep control away from tenants and other occupants, which in turn will help to avoid indoor high humidity issues, and should help reduce indoor moisture, window condensation and mold.

  • The IW25-1 is unique in that it is classified as an in-wall dehumidifier, but being portable it is more affordable to install and maintain compared with a Whole House system. The unit is smaller, quieter, uses less energy, and virtually tamper proof, giving full control to the property owner.
  • The IW25-1 recently won the People’s Choice for Top New & Innovative Product at the 2014 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention and Design Expo Product Marketplace in Chicago, primarily due to its ability to offer several unique features. The unit is designed to fit between existing 16” OC wall studs and is recessed in the wall. It can be plugged into a standard 110/120v outlet or hardwired to a breaker, and is quiet in operation at below 47 decibels.
  • The IW25-1 helps to make your home’s air drier and has the ability to remove up to 25 pints of water from the air per day.  It helps reduce the chances of any possible future problems such as mold, and will help save money on air conditioning bills.dehumidifiers
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Sizing a Gas Regulator


Gas regulators control the flow of natural gas (NG) and liquid propane (LP) to appliances and equipment that use them as fuel. The pressure of incoming gas is often unstable and excessively high. Regulators ensure that sufficiently-low constant pressure is maintained and sent to appliances. Proper sizing for an NG or LP regulator depends on several key factors which differ by application. Correct sizing is important due to the safety issues related to gas appliances. carries the Maxitrol brand of gas regulators. Maxitrol offers a regulator sizing calculator for free on their website. Use it to learn the relevant sizing factors and select the appropriate gas regulator for your next job.325-5a-1-1

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How to Size a Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters only heat water on demand, eliminating the standby losses associated with traditional tank-style water heaters. A Tankless water heater can provide hot water indefinitely – as long as demand does not exceed the heater’s flow capacity. There is a limit to the amount of hot water every tankless unit can produce in one minute. This gallons per minute (GPM) rating will be small for units designed to supply only a sink or two, but much larger for whole-house heaters. A heater’s GPM capability fluctuates based on the “temperature rise,” or the number of degrees by which the heater must increase the temperature of incoming water. 55°F ground water and a 105°F setpoint on a heater, for example, would require a 50°F temperature rise.

Tankless water heaters provide more hot water in warm climates and during warmer times of the year. See below for a chart from A.O. Smith that includes standard ground water temperatures across the United States.  Use this information along with anticipated output temperature settings to calculate your temperature rise. Always size based on the coldest incoming water temperatures if the heater will be used year-round. Make sure that the heater you choose can provide sufficient flow to meet peak demand at the required temperature rise. Typical showers use between 2 and 2.5 GPM, so a properly-sized heater would need to be able to provide 4 to 5 GPM at the necessary temperature rise in order to handle two such simultaneous showers. Specification sheets for tankless heaters display charts that indicate the maximum flow rates across the range of possible temperature rises.


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PVC Fittings


At we have added two new types of PVC Fittings manufactured by Spears. PVC Barbed Insert Fittings are engineered to provide positive grip and ease during installation. The barbed fittings are ideal for when a tightly gripped seal is needed, and means that adhesive isn’t necessary. High quality and reliability have made these PVC barbed insert fittings the preferred choice in irrigation applications. Take a look through our Fittings Finder here for the different types of fittings and sizes we stock.

We have also added CPVC Schedule 80 fittings. CPVC is similar to PVC except that the addition of chlorine gives additional resistance to thermal and corrosive damage. You will find CPVC Schedule 80 fittings in systems transporting corrosive liquids such as those used in chemical processing, plating, water distribution and fire suppression. Looking through our extensive CPVC Schedule 80 Fittings Finder you’ll find everything from tees, elbows and adapters to flanges, reducer bushings and unions, plus lots more.


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