Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice Control


Brand new and in-stock at, we introduce to you the Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice ControlHoneywell’s first voice-activated thermostat allows you to adjust your settings from across the room simply by using voice commands, and even in a busy household.  Programming the Wi-Fi 9000 with Voice Control is simple, and can be installed without the need of a manual, plus the wiring is tool-free. There are energy saving programmable modes that can save on annual heating and cooling costs

With the Total Connect Comfort app you can monitor and manage your home thermostat settings whilst away from your home simply by accessing the app on your smartphone. Automatic software updates mean that as voice recognition software continues to advance, you won’t have to do anything as Honeywell automatically add new voice commands and other enhancements.  This thermostat also provides automated extreme temperature alerts and filter change reminders, which will be sent to your connected network devices, as well as being displayed on the thermostat.

The high-definition display is color customizable and can be changed to any color of your choosing, and the time can be synced with the internet, so any daylight savings will be automatically updated. There is also an on-board sensor which measures indoor humidity, whilst local weather data displays outdoor temperature and humidity.

You can find the Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 with Voice Control Thermostat here on, as well as our wide range of thermostats to suit all requirements.


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Welcome To SupplyHouse!


Changing a company’s name is a huge process. Our company, made that change late last night to We did this to reflect our rapidly expanding selection of products and our goal to be a “home” for consumers and contractors alike.

Our company has grown by over 25% per year since its inception more than 8 years ago. This process will expand the possibility for future growth.

When the company was founded in 2005, PEX, a plastic tubing used for plumbing and heating, accounted for over 60% of sales. Today PEX accounts for less than 15% of the business. We want to ensure our customers know about the full line of plumbing, heating, and HVAC supplies, hence the name In the wholesale trade distribution industry, a supply house is also known as a place you go to get your supplies.

Another main reason we are changing our name is that PEX was hard to pronounce and easy to misunderstand…

Today marks our first day as, but we are still the same people committed to providing the same great service we always have, just under a name that better represents the broad range of products we sell.

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AO Smith Vertex Power Direct Vent Water Heater


Joining the AO Smith Vertex Power Direct Vent Water Heater family is the new 75-gallon model. The GDHE-75 offers the same high level of performance as its 50-gallon sibling, and you can find both on the site.

The GDHE-75, with its 96% thermal efficiency rating, is designed to specifically generate a constant flow of 4 gallons per minute, meaning continuous hot water in your home. It comes with a helical coil heat exchanger which keeps hot combustion gases in the tank longer to lengthen the heat transfer cycle. Positioned centrally in the tank and with its 96% thermal efficiency, you will save money on operating costs compared with a standard 80% efficiency gas water heater.

The GDHE-75 also comes with a large LCD display giving you precise temperature control and the ability to check diagnostics, and it can be vented vertically thru-the-roof or horizontally thru-the-wall with inexpensive PVC, CPVC , ABS or polypropylene pipe for intake and exhaust. The side-mounted hot and cold recirculating taps allows the Vertex models to be installed as part of combination space heating/water heating applications.

The ultra-low NOx gas burner meets low NOx emission requirements, and the Vertex family comes with a 6-year limited tank and parts warranty.


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Water Heater Leak Detector


When a water heater starts to leak, it will not stop trying to produce hot water. In a worst-case scenario (a major leak with no one home to notice it), the damage can be severe. Taco’s WAGS valve senses such leaks to prevent this type of damage and provide peace of mind. The WAGS valve should be installed in a pan at the base of a water heater. All incoming supply water goes through the WAGS valve before it enters the water heater tank. When water levels in the pan get close to one inch, the valve cuts off the water supply so that the tank will not continue to refill. The valve cannot stop a leak, but it can limit damage to that caused by the water already in the tank. If used on a gas or oil-fired water heater, the WAGS valve must be used in conjunction with Taco’s GOKIT7200-1, which shuts off the supply of gas or oil to the unit.

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Takagi T-H3 Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless water heaters offer the potential for increased efficiency because they do not waste energy heating water during periods of non-use. Takagi’s T-H3 Series of gas-fired tankless heaters offers several useful features in addition to extra efficiency. Created as new-generation T-H2 heaters, the T-H3 Series includes three models (each of which is available for either natural gas or liquid propane and either indoor or outdoor mounting): the T-H3, the T-H3S, and the T-H3J. The T-H3 (with no S or J suffix) is the most powerful unit in the series, and, with temperature-setting options up to 185°F, is the only unit that can be set above 140°F. It is also the only unit that can be linked easily to other heaters.

T-H3 Series models can condense flue gases, which enables them to carry .95 Energy Factor ratings and meet Energy Star guidelines. It also allows indoor models to be vented either vertically or horizontally with PVC. Featuring high-grade copper and stainless steel heat exchangers, T-H3 Series models meet all current lead-free requirements and are approved for use in space-heating applications. Indoor models include an outlet temperature adjustment screen that also displays incoming water temperatures, flow rates, and diagnostics. Outdoor models include a remote controller for temperature adjustments. Additional benefits include high-altitude compatibility (up to 10,000 feet for indoor models) and a variety of adjustable dipswitches.


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Motors & Armatures, Inc, (MARS)


Motors & Armatures, Inc, (MARS) was founded in 1946, and is known for being one of the biggest providers of replacement parts in the HVAC/R industry. MARS is a family-owned and operated supplier of quality motors, components and service and installation parts. They are headquartered in Hauppauge, NY and operate facilities in Earth City (St. Louis), MO and Mississauga, Canada.

We have recently added a wide selection of MARS and JARD branded aftermarket replacement products, all of which can be found on our site. These include contactors, capacitors, relays, pressure switches and motors.

61345-1 01127-1 12907-1
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Floor Sensors for Radiant Heat


Using a floor sensor is usually considered the most precise way to control an in-floor hydronic heating system. Surface temperatures above about 87°F can make floors uncomfortably hot to walk on. Wood flooring in particular can be damaged by excessively hot floor temperatures. Although the limit depends on the recommendations of flooring manufacturers, surface temperatures generally should not exceed 82°F to 85°F with wood floors. Floor sensors control surface temperatures while also preventing rooms with multiple heat sources from overheating and making the floor more comfortable for small children or pets.

Especially when tubing is installed in a slab, rooms can take a long time to heat up and cool down. This means that the rooms may overheat when a standard thermostat is installed (although some thermostats offer features designed to combat this, including Uponor WT1 and Nest models). It also means that programmability does not normally benefit in-floor systems.

A temperature controller such as part A419GBF-1C can be used to control systems based solely on floor temperature. It may take a little experimenting to figure out which floor temperatures are ideal for comfort in the room, and not having a wall thermostat could take some getting used to. Tekmar makes some thermostats (e.g. part 519) with floor sensor options. They operate just like standard thermostats, but you can also set high and low limits for the floor temperature. These limits take precedence over the ambient temperature settings on the thermostats.

When dealing with in-floor electric heating cables, thermostats with floor sensors and GFCI protection are normally required.


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Welcome to the Blog


We’re in the process of changing our name from to! We are still the same people committed to providing the same great service we always have, under a name that better represents the broad range of products we sell.

Hear the story behind the name change:

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Lead-Free Plumbing Law


The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act in the United States went into effect earlier this year, on January 4. The act imposes standards that were already enforced in several states. It defines “lead-free” as less than .25% lead on the wetted surface of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures used for potable water service. Previous federal laws set the limit at 8%. The new law limits solder and flux to .2%. The act considers any water used for human ingestion — including drinking, teeth brushing, food preparation, and dishwashing — as potable.

Only items used for potable water must to meet lead-free standards. Items frequently exempt from the regulation include toilets, bidets, fire hydrants, shower valves, washing machines, backflow preventers, irrigation equipment, and closed-loop hydronic heating systems used exclusively for non-potable service. Watch our video at the link below for more information. Relevant items that do not meet lead-free requirements should be marked on our website.

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GV90+ Boilers from Weil-McLain


Weil-McLain’s GV90+ series of gas boilers presents a unique option for hydronic heating systems: cast iron condensing boilers. Condensing boilers can handle condensed flue gases when return water temperatures are sufficiently low, resulting in less waste and higher efficiency ratings. Traditional cast iron boilers would be damaged by this acidic condensate, but the GV90+ includes a stainless steel heat exchanger to accommodate the condensate. The ability to condense flue gases allows all models in the series to boast DOE AFUE efficiency ratings of 91% or higher.

The boilers are also compatible with PVC venting and can be vented vertically or horizontally. They are ideal for high-temperature hydonic systems. They use two internal circulator pumps and an integrated control module to ensure that return fluid temperatures are low enough to allow flue gases to condense. LP conversion kits come standard with all GV90+ models.

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