This New Standard For Health and Safety Will Benefit Tradesmen



The old adage ‘safety comes first’ should always be top priority, but according to some plumbing contractors, including Ron George, that was not always the case out on the job, especially in hospitals.

Many contractors came forward with stories about being exposed to bacteria, germs and diseases when working on existing plumbing systems, according to George.

Soon after, the board at ASSE developed a standard to protect your health and safety, titled ASSE SERIES 12000 (now available for purchase), which was then approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

This New Standard For Health and Safety Will Benefit Tradesmen; Here’s How:

  • The critical nature of blood-borne pathogens and other diseases that present health hazards to you is now being addressed, and not ignored.


  • It sets minimum criteria for your (plumbers/tradesmen) training and certification on how to safely work in an environment with potentially deadly diseases.


  • It helps you identify and manage potential hazards.

There is no code requirement to follow this standard… yet – however it is an industry consensus standard that provides a minimum level of training for you.

What are your thoughts on this new standard? Were you ever in a situation that you felt was hazardous to your health, and what did you do to protect yourself?

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WhisperGreen Select Bathroom Fans: They’re Customizable!



If you, or the homeowner you are working with are searching for the perfect fan to fit special needs and air flow requirements, we think we’ve found it. The WhisperGreen Select bathroom fans have a fully customizable vent fan for virtually any application.

The WhisperGreen Select fan includes energy efficient DC motors (allows for varied speed and torque), fast and easy installation using the Flex-Z fast bracket, Integrated dual 4” or 6” duct adapter, and is UL listed for shower/bath installation. It comes with a 6 year warranty on the DC motor and 3 year on replacement parts, just in case.

The “Pick-A-Flow” speed selector gives you the ability to select the required air flow with the flip of a switch.   The Plug N’ Play modules provide unbeatable features for the base model fans. These easy to connect modules allow for further customization of the fan by choosing a multi-speed operation, motion sensor, and/or condensation sensor, which is great for stopping unwanted growth of mildew and mold. We’re not done yet– an automatic LED Night Light is there to aid in night vision! We know, it’s almost too good to be true.

Panasonic’s WhisperGreen Select series are customizable to fit the homeowners’ needs and make everyone more comfortable. These fans can also be customized to comply with ASHRE, LEED, Cal-Green, and energy star for homes 3.0 initiatives.

So, what are you waiting for?

whispergreen fan whispergreen fan

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3 Free Android Apps for Contractors and Tradesmen We Suggest


Last week we shared 3 awesome & free apps for the iPhone to make your job (and life!) easier. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you Android users! Below are some extremely useful apps on the Android for contractors and tradesmen.

1. Handyman Calculator



  • Feet and inches calculator with all conversions included
  • Fraction calculator
  • Lumber, Concrete and Asphalt calculator
  • Helps you figure out the amount of materials you need for a job

2. Contractor Estimate & Invoice




  • Allows you to estimate, invoice, record, process payments, and manage projects from anywhere
  • Send your client an estimate before you leave
  • Build estimates and invoices quicker by selecting from your list of commonly used materials and labor rates.
  • Create, organize, and store valuable client info

3. CamScanner



  • Use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, etc.
  • Easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format in various ways: send attachment or document download link through email/ text for customers
  • Instantly print out any documents in CamScanner with nearby printer via AirPrint.
  • Great way to send customers receipts, bills, etc!

Are we forgetting any? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


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7 Things Only Plumbers Understand


1. How to make long drives to jobs more fun – even at the crack of dawn.

2. Just how relieved people are when we solve their problems.

3. People skills are everything in all apsects of the trade – residential, commercial and industrial.

4. Apprenticeship makes us better. period.

5. Never underestimate what you will find in piping.

6. How tragically wrong DIY jobs can go.

7. How a person without plumbing truly looks

Are we forgetting any? Comment your own below!

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The Secret Of Saving Energy With Topaz Lighting


product_menu_imgWe recently added Topaz lighting and electrical products to the site. What does that mean for you? It means that saving energy with Topaz lighting will redefine your standards of electrical fittings, of course!

Within our Topaz Lighting category you’ll find their reliable, energy-saving and sustainable LED bulbs with a selection of wattage, lumen strength, and shapes specifically suited to your needs.  You will also find work lights and temporary string lights within this section.

The Topaz selection of electrical fittings can be found within our main Electrical Fittings area. You’ll find all types of fittings including couplings, connectors, straps and elbows; all featuring Topaz’s standard high quality.

We also sell a variety of weather proof boxes, covers and accessories. The boxes are designed to protect switches or other electrical components from the outside elements, and are available in a variety of sizes here. The weather proof covers are also available in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors to keep your outlet boxes protected.


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Radiant Heat Insulation Saves Money



Envious of your neighbor with the tulip-filled lawn in January? Think again.  According to Daniel O’Brian, a technical expert here at, warm soil mid winter comes at a huge cost to the home owner.  Instead of warming the house, the BTU’s are traveling in all directions and are being lost to the outside. Lost fuel equates to higher bills for the homeowner.

A simple solution for reducing your bills is insulating your pipes to minimize heat loss. Heat should be keeping our homes more comfortable, not the soil outside of the house!

We have several options that can help save you money. Other benefits include resisting fungus, mildew, insects and rodents from getting to your tubes and pipes. Click the image below to view a range of radiant heat insulation options that will keep your heat right where it’s supposed to be – on the inside! insulate

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Free Apps for Contractors and Tradesmen That We Suggest


We know you are busy, and probably don’t have the time to search on your phone for the latest and greatest smartphone apps. That’s where we come in.

There is a wealth of technology and free apps for contractors and tradesmen out there that can help make your job easier! These are our favorite three apps:


1. Workers Calc



  • Workers Fraction Calculator makes fraction math—both pure (unit-less) fractional expressions and length measurements (feet, inches, meters, centimeters, miles, nanometers, etc.) much easier.
  • You can add notes to calculations to save for later.
  • No internet is needed for use.

2. Contractor’s Connections



  • Makes permitting and inspections easy.
  • Includes every building department’s contact and inspection information in the state.
  • Keep permit and project information stored together and linked to building department information.
  • Set reminders for inspection call-in deadlines.

3. Quick Service Estimates and Invoices



  • Allows you to quickly create and email professional estimates, invoices and receipts with embedded photos while out on the job.
  • You can add your logo to invoices for a professional appearance.
  • Enter your tax rate and sales tax will be added for taxable items.
  • Keep track of payments and open balances.


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The Largest Item We’ve Ever Shipped: an AO Smith Commercial Storage Tank


We’re tough…

We’ve got this. It’s only a 500 Gallon AO Smith Commercial Storage Tank.

Everyone is using elbow grease…

and gawking.


and feeling extremely proud to carry such an awe-inspiring commercial storage tank. so proud some of us felt the need to hug it.


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5 Reasons How A Wi-Fi Thermostat Will Change Your Life



1. Do you complain that it’s too hot to sleep, but don’t want to get out of bed? Never an issue with a wireless thermostat.


2. Do you work an unpredictable schedule? The Wi-Fi thermostat understands, and wants to help. You can now adjust your home temperature on the drive home from work, creating the perfect temp every day, 24 hours a day.


3. You never have to bear the frigid “after-shower” chills. Warm-up the house FROM the shower using the Wi-Fi remote.


4. We promise you a lower bill, because now you can make sure your children are not turning down the A/C while you’re on vacay. You have full control, even from thousands of miles away. Soak in this view.


5. You can now micromanage your A/C bill, and not your employees (Eek, did we just say that?!)


Do we have you interested? Always call a professional for installation.


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Get Hot Water Fast Using A ManaBloc Plumbing System



Hot water is always a necessity, but during the colder winter months the ability to get hot water fast is invaluable. Luckily the ManaBloc plumbing system, a relatively new way to plumb water lines, has made this possible.

What is it? The ManaBloc acts as the Grand Central Terminal for the drinking and bathing water in your house. It channels water from your well or your municipal supply via plastic tubes, not metal pipes, to the kitchen faucet or bathroom shower head or wherever the water needs to go. What’s truly remarkable is that for each plumbing fixture, there’s a separate, dedicated delivery line. The result is an energy-efficient, cost-saving plumbing system that reduces water waste and performs even better than many traditional systems.

What really made the ManaBloc system possible was the advent of PEX tubing. “In the days of copper, it was not feasible to install a system like this,” explains Daniel O’Brian, a tech team member here at “That changed with the rise of flexible tubing options, most notably PEX.” PEX tubing allows for faster and more-efficient water flow. Due to its pliability, PEX tubing is easy to fit behind walls. The ManaBloc is designed so that fixtures with lower water volume requirements can be served by tubes of a smaller diameter. This flexibility saves water and, by extension, saves money.

A ManaBloc distribution manifold comes preassembled with three water intake ports and anywhere from 14 to 36 distribution ports, which hook up to either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch distribution lines. Each color-coded port (red for hot, blue for cold) has its own dedicated shut-off valve, giving you complete control over the plumbing system from one central location. “If anything starts leaking around the home or needs to be repaired,” O’Brian says, “you know exactly where you need to go to shut off the water.”

ManaBloc connection fittings are sold separately and come in three styles: compression fittings, crimp fittings, or PEX press fittings. Compression fittings do not require any special tools, while crimp fittings require a crimping tool (a special ManaBloc wrench can help properly tighten the connection). ManaBloc plumbing packages are readily available and include everything you need to get going right away.

We offer a large selection of ManaBloc distribution systems and accessories. Confused on which ManaBloc system is right for you? These instructional videos will explain the basics of shopping for, installing, and using ManaBloc systems:

This post was written in collaboration with Bob Vila

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Burnham’s K2 Condensing Boilers, the Savvy Homeowners Best Friend.


K2 Product Data Sheet3 Burnham’s K2 condensing boilers are ready for you to browse through on today! The K2 offers an unmatched combination of high performance, value, and high efficiency at up to 94% A.F.U.E. and is Energy Star Rated. It is available in five sizes from 80,000 to 180,000 MBH.

The K2 features an updated stainless steel heat exchanger, which has been engineered for improved access and easier servicing. The Sage 2.1 Control System is also featured, which offers factory presets for quick and easy installation alongside its touch screen diagnostic display. As well as this the “cold burner door” design keeps heat in the heating system, helping to enhance overall efficiency.

The K2 Condensing Boiler comes with a pre-installed high capacity boiler loop circulator, saving you money and valuable time. You will also find a split-voltage junction box, which will help make error-free wiring connections.  These boilers have universal exhaust termination for PVC and polypropylene.

The K2 with its innovative premium features, combined with its ease of installation and maintenance will strongly appeal to the savvy homeowner. Look through the range here on Product Data SheetK2 Product Data Sheet4

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Stay Warm with Danfoss Electric Radiant Heating


snow, electric radiant heating

It’s never too early to start preparing for the upcoming colder weather, and here at we know how to keep you warm with our vast selection of Danfoss Electric Radiant Heating products. Electric Radiant Heat is easy to install, cost-effective and can either be used for specific areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, or a full house.

The LX Electric Floor Mats are a complete heating system, coming with a self-adhesive mat and thermostat, bringing affordability and a safe, reliable and energy efficient technology.  This unique adhesive system saves 70% on installation time. The LX Floor Heating Cables combine the highest comfort levels with maximum efficiency, whilst the TX FH range has a larger diameter, making it a thick floor heating solution, most often used in new construction where overall material cost is a concern.

TX-SH Storage Heating Cables are energized to warm a thermal mass below the floor surface. You can use these to take advantage of local peak and off-peak energy prices, because these can be shut off at a specific time, and the heat will gently emanate across the floor surface for hours.

The GX Snow Melting System provides a permanent solution to cold weather problems with its on-demand system, providing you with instantaneous relief from snow build up and ice. Take a look through our GX Snow Melting Mats and Melting Cables sections to find the exact specifications for your needs.

Danfoss RX Roof and Gutter De-Icing Cables are ideal for protecting residential buildings, roofs and gutters from ice dams and build-up. The constant watt heating cables help ensure maximum energy efficiency and are designed for use with metal or asphalt roofing. These cables are durable and provide moisture, corrosion and impact protection.

danfoss electric floor heatingdanfoss floor heating cablesdanfoss snow melting mat


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