The Many Advantages of Baseboarders Covers


Baseboarders baseboard heater covers offer several important benefits for home renovation projects (or even new construction):

  • Their unique perforated design can enhance the look of any room
  • The covers may be spray-painted or cut to size for further customization
  • Do-it-yourself installation with an existing backplate takes just seconds, and wall brackets can be used in new-construction projects or any application where there is no backplate
  • 22-gauge galvanized carbon steel ensures that the covers are durable
  • Unlike most other baseboard covers, small children cannot burn themselves by reaching through the cover and touching the element
  • A lifetime rust-proof guarantee makes the covers perfect for use in moist bathrooms
  • The covers are compatible with most hydronic and many electric baseboards

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Control Your Thermostats With Your Phone


I honestly could not even believe we had this product in our warehouse.  When I was doing research on different thermostats recently, I found the Honeywell RedLINK Internet Gateway on our website and was absolutely amazed.

This little unit allows you to control your thermostats remotely with the internet, tablet or smart phone.  Check out the video Stacey and I did to explain exactly how it works.

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Keep Your Home Cool, Dry, and Energy-Efficient With a Dehumidifier


Sure it’s uncomfortable outside, but if you are sensing damp, sticky conditions indoors, it’s definitely time to consider the benefits of a dehumidification system.

Hot and muggy summer weather outside can mean excess moisture inside. Mold and mildew, musty odors, condensation, warped wooden surfaces, and cracked, peeling, or blistering paint can all result from elevated humidity levels inside your home. And, when the air is damp and sticky indoors, you’re not the only one who senses it—so does your air conditioner.

“Excess moisture in your home can cause major issues over time,” points out Daniel O’Brian, one of our tech team members. “It can promote mold growth and the potential for respiratory ailments, and make your air conditioner work harder by having to cool damp, heavier air.” By removing excess moisture from the air, a dehumidifier can level the playing field and improve the overall comfort and health of your home. Because a dehumidifier uses significantly less energy than an air conditioner, installing either a whole-house system or a smaller unit can cut cooling costs; not only does the air conditioner not have to work as hard, but it also may run less often or at a higher temperature. According to the U.S. Energy Star program, a homeowner can save up to 6 percent on cooling costs for every degree the thermostat is turned up.

Indeed, rising energy costs are one of the primary reasons for dehumidifiers’ growth in popularity: To conserve energy, today’s homes are built more tightly, but with less air exchange comes the potential for moisture buildup. By reducing that moisture, dehumidifiers can ensure a continuous flow of cool, dry air.
How does a dehumidifier work? A fan draws warm, humid air over a cold coil, which condenses the moisture into liquid; the water is removed via a drain pipe. The dry air then passes over a warm coil and is added back into the room. Dehumidifiers are controlled by an instrument called a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending on the amount of moisture detected in the air.

Dehumidifier capacity is measured in pints of water removed per 24 hours. The appropriate capacity for a dehumidification unit or system is determined by the size of the space and its conditions. For example, a closed, damp room, such as a basement, will require a bigger capacity unit than a large, open room with good air flow.

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of models and sizes, ranging from large, whole-house models to smaller, portable units designed for individual rooms and problem areas, such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces. As with any appliance, the key is to look for an Energy Star-rated, high-efficiency unit that is sized properly for the space and conditions.
Honeywell’s TrueDRY line of dehumidifiers are all Energy Star rated and come backed by a five-year warranty. They can be centrally ducted for whole-house dehumidification or unducted for moisture control in attics or smaller crawl spaces. They also carry a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 11. (MERV ratings, which measure filter performance, range from 1 to 16; the higher the number, the better the air filtration.)

For more on the Honeywell TrueDRY Dehumidification system, including a video demo, visit

Honeywell TrueDry Dehumidifiers
This post was written in collaboration with Bob Vila

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Welcome Back!


After completing my first year at Penn State, I had an instant drive to explore, take on the real world and really see what it has to offer! Initially, like most college freshman, I was unsure what to declare my major; I had interests in various fields. That was when I thought, “What would be better to do then to go back to the place that originally sparked my business interest?”

SupplyHouse gave me an insight into the business world with a firsthand experience with what it takes to run a business. Now, that I have acquired more business knowledge, I am slowly beginning to see what I have learned in the classroom come to life in the workplace. Here, I am surrounded by amazing, energetic and friendly people who set a comfortable environment to encourage my learning. I am excited to see what knowledge I gain by the end of my internship and hopefully I will be able to pinpoint my interest to help declare a definite second major. I have been too many companies but here at SupplyHouse there is something different about this workplace that makes it very special to me.

Until next week, FHWC ~ faith, hard work and consistency

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Hydraulic Expander Kit from Yellow Jacket


The Yellow Jacket Hydraulic Expander Kit helps save time by eliminating fittings as well as saving you money on soldering points and materials.  The lightweight, easy to use, one handed operation of the manual hydraulic mechanism expands tubing from 3/8” to 1-5/8”, replacing the need for additional couplings.  As only one side needs to be brazed, this reduces the possibility of leakage.

How to use: Deburr the tube and aneal if necessary and then screw on the appropriate expander head. Insert the head into the tube and set the tool to “on”.  Pump the handles until the tube is fully expanded to the selected head setting, set tool to “off” to loosen the tubing and it’s ready for brazing.  Be sure to use safety goggles and gloves, and never operate the pump without tubing on the expander head.

Here at, we sell the Commercial “Full” Kit and the Residential “Basic” Kit.  The Full Kit comes with Tubing O.D. Heads from 3/8” to 1-5/8” and includes a cutter and a tube reamer.  The Basic Kit comes with Tubing O.D. Heads from 3/8” to 1-1/8”, without additional accessories.

Yellow Jacket

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PexTV Episode 7


Hey, here’s episode 7 of “PexTV” It’s HOT out there, and Summer Sam wants you to STAYYYYYYYY COOOL.  Feel free to email us at with any thoughts or suggestions for future episodes.

In this episode, you’ll see…

Featured Product: LG Art Cool Picture Frame AC Unit
Weather Update from Summer Sam
Tip of the Week: Programmable Thermostats to cool off the house before you get home
Customer Review: 1h/1c White Rodgers 90′s series thermostat

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Fittings for PEX-Aluminum-PEX


PEX-Aluminum-PEX, or PEX-AL-PEX, is PEX tubing with an embedded layer of aluminum. The aluminum serves as an oxygen barrier and keeps the tubing rigid. PEX-AL-PEX offers the additional advantages of less linear expansion and a larger diameter than standard PEX.

Due to the tubing’s different dimensions and aluminum layer, few options exist for fittings with PEX-AL-PEX. Standard PEX-Aluminum-PEX (i.e. the Uponor MLC MultiCor and Rifeng PEX-AL-PEX available on only works with compression fittings designed PEX-AL-PEX and Uponor’s MLC press fittings. PEX-AL-PEX compression fittings generally have male threads opposite the compression end, and must be connected to additional pieces in order to create couplings, elbows, tees, etc. MLC fittings require a costly tool and may not be a viable choice for small projects. Make sure to use a chamfering tool to prep PEX-AL-PEX prior to making a connection with either of these methods. Doing this creates a beveled edge on the inside of the tubing, which allows the o-ring to set properly.

Viega’s FostaPEX PEX-AL-PEX is not sized the same as standard PEX-AL-PEX. FostaPEX only works with Viega’s PEX Press fitting system. PEX Press fittings are also compatible with standard PEX tubing, but not standard PEX-AL-PEX. FostaPEX has its own prep tool, which peels the outer layer before the fitting connection can be made.fittings

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Test Tools HVACR Pros Trust


Live Readings for Full System HVAC Analysis with Fieldpiece Wireless!

Now you can be faster, more accurate, and do more! Using Fieldpiece network of wireless tools you can get live readings in the palm of your hand! The Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3 turns any Fieldpiece Accessory Head into a wireless device. The new HG3 makes it easy to accurately diagnosis a system because up to 13 measurements can be taken simultaneously to give you real-time data.

Watch this video from Fieldpiece and learn how Fieldpiece wireless tools work:

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Stay Cool With Art Cool


A little while back, Tim from receiving and I put together a video on LG’s “Art Cool” mini-split air conditioning systems.  These units can help you stay cool in this current heat, and they also look awesome.

With LG’s Art Cool systems, you can transform your air conditioner into a piece of art. Art Cool offers all the advantages of standard mini-split systems while giving users unmatched design flexibility.

Like all ductless mini-split systems, Art Cool installations include indoor evaporator units connected to outdoor condensers with refrigerant line-sets and electrical wire. This set up eliminates noise, wiring, and ductwork from the living space.

There are 3 options in the Art Cool line. Single-zone picture frame models, with 9,000 and 12,000 BTU options, display a painting or photograph of your choice. You can use their customizable art panel to enhance the appearance of any room.

Another single zone option is the Art Cool mirror units that provide a more traditional look and are a stylish alternative to the standard white.

Finally, Flex Multi Split Art Cool units work as part of multi-zone systems. They come with a black mirror front panel but are customizable with the ability to change the panel if desired. The extra panels are sold separately and come in a variety of styles to match your room or décor.

All three units come in air conditioning and heat pump models. Heat pump mini-split units can provide heating as well as cooling, but are generally not capable of serving as the sole heat source.

All the units also come with mounting brackets and a wireless remote control.  Check out the video below for some pictures of these units in action!


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NOFP’s Solex


NOFP’s Solex is a cost effective, high-performance reflective foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder, designed to reflect radiant energy and retard moisture migration in a building.  The core of Solex LT is 1/8″ thick while Solex comes standard at 1/4″ providing additional insulation value and durability.  Both Solex LT and Solex are available in multiple facing combinations which are thermally bonded in a unique process that provides a long-term quality finish.  This unique core has state-of-the-art reflective polymeric film laminated to both sides.

Solex reduces the radiant heat gain of the sun under roofs into the building envelope when used in conjunction with a minimum of 3/4” airspace.  Installed in this manner, Solex can reflect up to 97% of the radiant energy thereby reducing the heat buildup/loss as compared to a non-insulated metal building.  Solex’s lightweight, easy to use, and energy saving material helps reduce the energy consumption of your building enclosure. It is tear-resistant, moisture-proof, bug-resistant, and uses non-toxic materials that can be safely installed without the use of protective clothing.  All that is needed for installation is a utility knife, tape, and safety glasses.

The Solex and SolexLT range of products can be used for new construction as well as retrofit in a variety of applications, such as post frame, horse, dairy or livestock buildings. It can be used for finished walls, building insulation, condensation control, and as a thermal break and vapor barrier.  Solex and SolexLT can be perforated for applications where a vapor barrier is not needed such as behind siding or in an attic.solex

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