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Out of Retirement: Mario’s Back to Plumbing

Nick B

6 months ago the plumbing community saw a true legend hang up his coveralls.  With an update to his official profile, Nintendo announced that Mario had retired from plumbing.  Well (as you may have seen in the title of this post) he’s back in the business!  With another update to his official profile, his “Occupation is a plumber,” bringing him back into the Trade!  (Note: that page is entirely in Japanese, I used Google Translate to get the quote I used.)  Who knows what the next update to his profile will make him (maybe he’ll only be working part time as a plumber then), but as of now he is back to the profession that brought him into fame.


Are you happy to see Mario back in the plumbing business, or would you rather have him stay out?  He does deserve to retire, doesn’t he?  When you have a job to do, like Mario, there’s no place better than  We have all the plumbing, heating, and HVAC products you need, and we’ll get them to you faster than Mario with a Super Star.


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