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Our New Website: Same Content, Just Better

Nick B


 As an e-commerce company our website is very important.  It is our storefront, the representation of ourselves to the world, and our main interaction with our customers.  So needless to say, the website is a pretty big deal for us.  Up to this point in our company’s lifetime updates to the site have come in small, controlled bursts.  Around a year ago we decided that that wasn’t enough, we needed an entire site wide overhaul.


This was no small feat.  Every page on the site needed at least a touch up and with almost 100,000 products, an expansive video library, and countless other resources and tools, that meant alot of work.  Every department was involved in the process and through that cohesive effort we were able to efficiently navigate this project.  Now that it is live, we can all look at our work and feel proud of what we have done.


So what’s changed?  Well take a look for yourself!

new-site-1 old-site-1


















We wanted to create a clean, modern look that was entirely built around a smooth user experience.  With a focus on complete transparency, we spent a great deal of effort retooling all of the information outlets between us and the customers so everyone knows exactly what to expect from their orders.


Another improvement comes in the form of mobile integration.  Before we had unique mobile and desktop sites, but with the greater variety of phones, tablets, laptops, and hybrids of the three this quickly became an obsolete method of handling this.  So with the redesign we made just one site that scales.  This means that it will compact and self adjust to fit any screen it finds itself on!


Finally we aimed to create a website that highlighted our personality more prominently.  We like to pride ourselves in not being another, faceless website where you can buy stuff on.  We have a team of passionate people who are here to help you get what you need.  This new site was built to emphasize that in every aspect of the user experience, from the homepage to checkout.


So if you haven’t seen it, be sure to swing by (click here) and check out the result of all this hard work.  But I would be really surprised if you found this post before seeing the new site at all…

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