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New Product: Line Set Covers


Line Set Covers are a great way to tidy up the installation of mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems where the line sets are travelling on the outside of the house.  This is especially useful when the air handler is up high on the wall with mini-split systems, or when the air handler furnace or evaporator coil is up in the attic. It’s not very attractive to have the line set moving along the outside of your house, and it’s a big job to try and run it up a finished wall. Diversitech line set covers are easy to install and will literally cover up the mess.

Diversitech Klikfit Line Set Covers are low cost, easy to install, and flexible. They can be used for line sets, electrical cables, and drain hoses. The Klikfit Economy Line Set Cover installs fast, is rugged, durable, and long lasting.

line set covers

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