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HydroClaw Expansion Tank Bracket


The HydroClaw Expansion Tank Support Bracket is easy-to-install and is designed to protect against potential damage created from incorrect and unsafe installation of expansion tanks.  A main reason for this is that the tank can get very heavy when waterlogged, and could fall off the wall if not secured properly.

How it works:  The HydroClaw is equipped with a mounting bracket and hardware to mount the tank to the HydroClaw.  Out of the bag it comes in two halves. One half gets mounted to the wall and the other half clamps the tank in place.  The rubber on the inside of the HydroClaw will reduce friction and stop the tank sliding off, plus it avoids metal touching metal.  The HydroClaw MUST be mounted to a structure, such as a concrete or wooden wall.  If you want to mount it to sheet rock there must be a structure behind it.

At we sell two HydroClaw brackets from Storm King Enterprises. The HC8-A is for tanks with a diameter of 8” nominal, and the HC11-A is for 11” tanks.  The HydroClaw is compatible with a variety of expansion tanks at For a complete list of tanks please check out the HydroClaw product pages.


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