New Faucet Design Saves Water by Creating Beautiful Patterns


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  1. Tom says:

    Fascinating, actually. You don’t say that you carry the faucet tho, or otherwise where to buy it.

    I wonder about the preset temperature and how easy to change (for washing hands vs. a cool glass of water).

    The intricate aerator may clog easily in hard water or from particulates, so I hope it’s cheap, readily available, and easy to replace/clean.

    I’m guessing that it may conserve 15% water, but if you play with it more, or always showing it to friends, you may find you double your water consumption (yet you don’t mind because the swirling patterns soothe your mind.

    I’d love to try this faucet out.

    • Gregory says:

      Hi Tom! Glad you think this faucet is so cool; we do too! It doesn’t look like it’s for sale yet, but you can check out the creator’s page here: You can visit his profile, and there is also an email address where you can contact him if you wish. I think we all want to try out these faucets firsthand! :)

  2. Jim says:

    Our water is 10-14 grain hardness. I imagine that a faucet such as this will quickly become non functional. I’m curios to know what the market is for such a sophisticated aerator.

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