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Meet the Carters-3 Generations of Plumbers

Nick B

The Carters Thumb runs a short documentary series focused on highlighting interesting people and stories inside the plumbing and contractor industry called Trade Life.  I was fortunate enough to help shoot the newest episode, Trade Life: Passing the Torch.  This episode follows the story of the Carter’s My Plumber; a business built by the culmination of 3 generations of plumbers all working together to service the Greater Indianapolis Area.  Mark, the head videographer on the project, and I traveled from New York to Indianapolis and spent two days filming them and the surrounding area, interviewing the family and coworkers, and getting to know the family.  We always like to make these in person connections and this truly was a cool experience to do so.



I am from the Midwest, so this wasn’t that odd for me, but Mark has always lived on the East Coast.  It was a new experience for him to say the least.  Wide open, rolling fields of corn and soy beans which I grew up around were completely new to him.  That being said, the biggest culture shock came from our trip to the County Fair that happened to be going on when we were there.  Cow, pigs, goats, and cattle were all being shown next to a sea of food stands and carnival games all while the taller rides looming over.  Mark had not experienced anything like this to this magnitude, so I had to be his guide for the trip.  He even tried a tenderloin and liked it!



The Carters were kind people and great hosts and I genuinely enjoyed my limited time with them.  We talked with all 3 generations, Bob the grandfather, Jamie the dad, and Kelson the son, Lisa who is Jamie’s wife, and several other employees of the company.  My personal favorite employees were their dogs, Max and Bella.  As a dog person these two won me over the second I walked in the door and they ran up to greet me.

Dogs Thumb


With over 100 years of experience between them, the three Carters have an impressive business which we only got to be exposed to briefly.  Get a glimpse into their lives by watching the video we produced right here!  Be sure to stay to the end where you will get links to the two other videos we made covering the family’s views on each other and, most importantly, their dogs in more detail.


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