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Meet Joe Jester- A Contractor Giving Back

Nick B

Joe Jester is the owner and head contractor of Jester’s Waterworks in Malaga, New Jersey.  With over 30 years of experience working with wells and pumps, Joe has been pretty successful in his professional life.  While impressive in itself, that is not why we chose him to be the focus of our most recent Trade Life mini-documentary.  We wanted to highlight his story because he is using this expertise to give back to the community which has helped him before.  He’s donating his time, talents, and money to a cause he believes in and that is worth calling attention to.  We as a people need to help and support each other in our times of need and Joe Jester didn’t hesitate when he was presented with the opportunity to do so.


22.  Every day there are 22 veterans who take their lives due to PTSD.  With the constantly growing number of veterans and the limited resources available to help them, there are many displaced service men who simply don’t have anything when the return home.  Donnie Davis, a veteran himself, saw that there was a need for more and found a way to provide that.  Purchasing a 227 acre lakefront campground, Donnie began Operation Safe Haven, a charity focused on helping bridge the gap from serving to civilian life.  Donnie hoped to accomplish this through building a quiet, wooded community of micro-homes, but needed help from his community to do so.  That’s where Joe came in.















In 2005 Joe’s daughter was involved in a car accident that left her with brain damage and a lengthy stay in the hospital.  During this time Joe’s community rallied around him and his family, taking care of what they can while he and his wife focused on their daughter in the hospital.  This outpouring of compassion moved Joe and he has been looking for ways to give back ever since.  So when Donnie contacted Joe about getting an estimate on digging a well for his charity, Joe told Donnie that he would take care of it, free of charge.  The homes needed water and Joe was there to provide it for them.

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We at are proud to share this story of two people looking to give back.  We all need to be looking for ways to help one another and both Joe and Donnie are great examples of that.  I was fortunate enough to be involved in the filming process for this.  After spending time with both Donnie and Joe I can attest that they are both kind hearted people who deserve any recognition they can get.  If you want to learn more about Donnie’s charity and how you can help click here and if you want to see the entire story be sure to watch the Trade Life video embedded below or click here.

If you are looking for more stories like this and want to check out the rest of our Trade Life series click here.  Also be sure to stop by to see everything we do; from selling plumbing and heating products, to making instructional resources, to highlighting important stories around the industry like this one.


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