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Lower Your Costs With Mr. PEX Composite Radiant Manifolds


composite radiant manifold

Composites and plastics are rising in popularity in radiant applications, and Mr. PEX Systems is jumping on the bandwagon. They recently introduced their line of Composite Radiant Manifolds.


The manifold is made from a long-lasting glass-filled plastic composite, and is built to withstand wear and tear, high pressure and temperature. Composites and plastics have many benefits, the most top of mind being the lower cost. They also create less worry about water quality or galvanic corrosion, because water quality does not effect plastic like it does to metal.


Available in 2 through 12 loop configuration, the manifold kit we sell includes the supply/return body, a set of 1” NPT ball valves, a flowmeter and mounting brackets. The integral flowmeter enables you to adjust the flow per loop, giving you more control. The manifold exceeds the diffusion standard DIN 4726 and is totally resistant to corrosion.

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