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LG’s new Multi F Max


Released earlier this year in the United States, the Multi F Max ductless mini-split condenser from LG makes large mini-split systems possible without multiple outdoor units. The Multi F Max carries a 54,000-BTU rating, and can serve as an air conditioner or heat-pump. Boasting an 18.4 SEER rating and featuring LG’s Gold Fin anti-corrosion technology, the Multi F Max can handle up to eight standard LG multi-zone indoor units. Its twin rotary compressor allows the unit to work at higher efficiency levels than standard inverter units.

The Multi F Max provides opportunities for tremendous flexibility, as evidenced by the long list of potential combinations with indoor evaporator units. Ideal for apartment buildings, large homes, or commercial applications, only a single refrigerant line (3/8” x 3/4”) connects to the outdoor unit. Two-, three-, and four-port distribution boxes (parts PMBD3620, PMBD3630, & PMBD3640) cut down on the amount of brazing and copper pipe needed for installation.


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