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KS1 Kickstart Compressor


The KS1 Kickstart Compressor from Rectorseal is the only two-wire, pre-assembled starting component Hard Start Kit on the market that uses a high-quality mechanical potential relay in a unique design. There is absolutely no use of circuit boards, timers or PTCR devices. The KS1 is used for single phase 208V, 230V and 265V 3.5 to 5 Ton HVACR Compressors.

Hard start devices extend the life of compressors considerably by bringing them up to full speed more quickly and efficiency. They can also assist compressors in starting under very adverse ambient conditions such as low voltage or high head pressures.

The main benefits of having a Kickstart device are that they extend the life of your compressor, and they reduce “light flicker” during the start-up process.  The KS1 is constructed with high quality components that are used extensively throughout the industry, and the life expectancy is comparable to your HVACR component.

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