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Israel Team Celebrates the Holiday Season



In Israel, we’ve just come to the end of the annual holiday season.  The Hebrew calendar runs differently to the more well-known Gregorian calendar, and is actually up to the year 5778!  Within the last couple months we celebrated the Jewish New Year, the Day of Atonement (also known as ‘Yom Kippur’, where some people fast for 25 hours!), and the festival of Sukkot.



Sukkot is known as an agricultural festival that originally was considered as a thanksgiving for the fruit harvest.  The biblical story of Sukkot commemorates the years that the Israelites spent in the desert after leaving slavery behind in Egypt and how they were protected from harsh desert conditions.  Sukkot is the plural of ‘sukkah’, meaning “booth” or “tabernacle”, which is the name of the temporary dwelling or residence, so it’s a reminder of the type of place a farmer would have lived during harvesting, plus the fragile dwellings the Israelites lived in during the time spent in the desert.



Nowadays, some families build a sukkah once a year and eat their meals inside for 7 days to commemorate the holiday.  It’s supposed to be a time of joy and fun, and the data team was invited to Adam’s family Sukkah to experience our very own Sukkot celebration!  We ate lots of good food, drank plenty, and enjoyed each other’s company.  Even the kids and pets behaved…mostly. is operated by diverse cast of people from all around the globe.  We have come together to create the best location to get all your plumbing, heating, and HVAC products online.  Stop by today and see what we have accomplished.  Happy Holidays!



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