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I’m a Plumber, Ask Me Anything

Nick B

Earlier this week a 14 year veteran of the plumbing industry created an open forum on popular website,, asking for any and all plumbing related questions from the community.  More than 8,400 comments later, he certainly got his questions. is a website built around user submitted content and smaller communities of users with similar interests.  For example there are numerous groups centered on different forms of comedy, groups that share pictures of their dogs, and even groups that just talk about their city.  One of the most popular and largest examples of these communities is “IAma” or “I am a…” where people of interest spend some time answering questions from the Reddit community.  On a typical day you would see an actor, TV personality, or other celebrity receiving the most interest here, but a seasoned veteran by the user name boomboomsaIoon captured the internet’s fascination.

With thousands of questions and 28,400 upvotes, term for a positive vote in Reddit’s community powered sorting process, this post became bigger than this plumber could have ever expected.  Days later, boomboomsaIoon is still answering questions, hundreds down but even more to go.

Some answers were directly plumbing related.

Some were a bit more interesting.

There was a bit of career advice.

Life advice.

Practical Advice.

And some questions I think will go unanswered.

But this story did not here.  A much more niche community on Reddit centered only on plumbing noticed this post.

And they were not too happy about it.

These people questioned the original poster’s knowledge and pulled a few specific answers to prove their point.

Here’s one example.

And another just general comment on the plumber’s know how.

They even used memes!

So the internet became fascinated with this plumber and asked every question under the sun.  The user answer many questions, but was eventually called out by other pros.  Was this person a real pro with a few, choice slip ups out of hundreds of answers, or are the other plumbers right to call them a hack?  Click here to see the post for yourself.  Regardless I feel like it is always a good thing for the industry when a situation like this occurs, highlighting the good side of plumbers that isn’t typically shown by mainstream media.

We at like to highlight stories like this.  One way we do this is through our TradeLife series where we go and interview unique people in the industry and give them the attention they deserve.  Check these videos out here (click here).

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5 Responses to I’m a Plumber, Ask Me Anything

  1. Robert says:

    I installed 3 easyheat tapes and sensors and none of them work. I followed the instructions exactly. I read them 3 times before installing.
    What can I do to trouble shoot the problem.

    • Nick B says:

      Hi Robert,

      Your best bet is to troubleshoot directly with Easy Heat. Give them a call at 1-800-537-4732 and choose option 3. Have a good one!

  2. Boomboomsaioon says:

    The day anyone in r/plumbing answeres over 4000 comments I. A few days without making any mistakes is the day they can judge me

  3. I have a 10 year old hot water tank that is direct vented. 3″ internal/6″ overall vent. It runs horizontal thru the wall & is less than 18″ above the tank. The top of my existing tank is 48″ off the floor. Can I use a atmospheric vent new tank & reuse the existing venting attaching it to the top of the atmospheric vent? Thanks Larry

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