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If You’re Looking For The #1 Tankless Water Heater, We’ve Found It.


RUR98IN 199,000 BTU, Condensing Indoor Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas)
Rinnai is the number 1 selling tankless water heating brand in the U.S. Their main focus is innovating water heating and home heating gas appliances for residential and commercial applications – and they’re good at what they do! The tankless water heaters can use up to 40 percent less energy than traditional systems, saving a good chunk of money.


The innovations in Rinnai’s high-efficiency water heaters mean that they provide an endless supply of hot water wherever and whenever you need it, even for multiple applications! With on-demand heating, hot water is always available, negating the need to prioritize any activities. You’ll never have to think about your hot water needs again.


The RH-180, available in natural gas and propane models, is a hybrid which combines the benefits of advanced technology with supply by pairing the on-demand tankless system with a 40 gallon tank. It delivers more hot water with less recovery time than a traditional tank, but can be installed quickly and easily using standard tank connections, making it perfect for remodeling or as an emergency replacement.


Also available on the site are Rinnai Wall Heaters. These wall furnaces are suitable for residential and commercial setups, in homes, apartments, offices and condominiums. The EnergySaver Direct Vent EX series is designed to constantly monitor room temperature, and Rinnai’s unique modulating technology can respond immediately to even the smallest temperature fluctuations. Heat is distributed evenly and heat loss is minimized since these wall furnaces require no ductwork.
RH-180N 91,300 BTU, Hybrid Indoor Tankless/Tank Water Heater (Natural Gas)



The vent-free FC model of gas fan convection heater is engineered to give years of comfort and warmth with on-board diagnostics, an overheat switch and fuse protection. It’s 99.9% efficient for great energy savings, and has a tilt switch to disable gas supply, providing safety to the user.

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