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“I Hope to Die with a Pipe Wrench in my Hand!”

Nick B

Lorne Figley is the owner and operator of Broadway Heating located in Saskatoon, Canada.  Staying small, the business that began as a group of five friends peaked at just nine employees and has wound down to just one, Lorne.  Nothing too out of the ordinary right?  Well the remarkable thing about this business is that it was founded 65 years ago and Lorne, who has been there since the beginning, will be turning 93 in December!  This makes him the world’s oldest plumber and that’s not a hyperbole, Guinness World Records has officially awarded him this title.  Appropriately proud of this accomplishment, Lorne boasted, “My children and grandchildren include three engineers, four PhDs, a nurse, a lawyer and a veterinarian, but I’m the only one with a Guinness World Record!”

oldest-plumber-titleThe World War II vet loves the profession, feeling that it keeps him in good shape, both mentally and physically, due to the consistent flow of new challenges and topics to learn more about.  As you might have guessed, Lorne does not ever plan on retiring.  The job just means too much to him.


Guinness is not the only one to honor Lorne.  His alma mater, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has recently granted him a lifetime achievement award and created a yearly apprenticeship student award in his name.  This award is granted to whoever receives the highest marks on their journeyperson exam, an appropriate award to honor a man who has had such a long and successful career.


We at would like to extend our congratulations to Lorne.  This kind of dedication and passion is a rare occurrence and deserves the recognition it is receiving.  Thank you for giving so much to the trade.


If you would like to learn more about the man, be sure to check out Guinness’s official write up here.

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