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Hydraulic Expander Kit from Yellow Jacket


The Yellow Jacket Hydraulic Expander Kit helps save time by eliminating fittings as well as saving you money on soldering points and materials.  The lightweight, easy to use, one handed operation of the manual hydraulic mechanism expands tubing from 3/8” to 1-5/8”, replacing the need for additional couplings.  As only one side needs to be brazed, this reduces the possibility of leakage.

How to use: Deburr the tube and aneal if necessary and then screw on the appropriate expander head. Insert the head into the tube and set the tool to “on”.  Pump the handles until the tube is fully expanded to the selected head setting, set tool to “off” to loosen the tubing and it’s ready for brazing.  Be sure to use safety goggles and gloves, and never operate the pump without tubing on the expander head.

Here at, we sell the Commercial “Full” Kit and the Residential “Basic” Kit.  The Full Kit comes with Tubing O.D. Heads from 3/8” to 1-5/8” and includes a cutter and a tube reamer.  The Basic Kit comes with Tubing O.D. Heads from 3/8” to 1-1/8”, without additional accessories.

Yellow Jacket

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