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How to Save Water during Winter


We all know winter is coming soon.  That is sure to mean family gatherings, big meals, and frolicing in, and around, the house.  However, that also means that more water will be used than on an average day.  As a result, your utility bills may go up.


However, we have information that can help you save water, and keep your bill from skyrocketing.  Following these tips will allow you to monitor your water supply while keeping your friends, and family, entertained.


Help The Environment When Your Prepare Your Meal


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency understands that preparing for Holiday meals, and parties, can use up a lot more water than on a usual day.  Running your tap, can waste up to two gallons per minute.  However, they suggest ways to reduce your water use.


First, avoid rinsing your plates before washing them.  Today’s dishwashers can handle the extra grime, and grease.  Instead, just scrape them off.  The machine can take care of the rest.


Second, if you don’t use a dishwasher, fill the sink with soapy water.  Clean all of your dishes with that water, and then put them aside.  Once you are done, you can rinse all of your dishes at once.  The process is another way to save water.



Use A Full Load


However, if you do use your dishwasher, you should consider filling it up before you turn it on.  The average machine will use less water than if you wash by hand.  However, using a lighter load negates the savings on water.  With all of your friends, and family, in the house, you’ll be using it a lot, anyway.  So, be efficient.


The same can be said for the washing machine if guests stay over.  Everyone will want clean clothes for the special days ahead.  So, make sure you fill up the washer before using it, as well.



Using The Bathroom


Another way to save water involves the one room that all of your guests will use.  Let’s be honest.  All of that flushing will waste water too.  However, a float booster will help solve the problem.  This device is “a small floating reservoir that displaces water from the tank.”  As a result, flushing uses less water.



Take A Fast Shower


As everyone cleans up, they will want to use the shower.  But, being quick will help in two ways.  First, the next person won’t have to wait as long.  Second, you’ll save water during your own shower cycle.


Let It Drip


While you may think it’s counterintuitive, letting your faucets drip is another way to help conserve water.  If you’re in an area that often gets cold, there’s a good chance your pipes could freeze.  However, the dripping will prevent your pipes from freezing – and possibly bursting, which would surely put a damper on your festivities.



Winterize The Pipes


Of course, if you don’t want to let the sinks drip, you should consider wrapping your outside pipes.  Doing so will help them stay warmer, and prevent them from freezing.  You can also do this by using newer pipes, and other fittings that will help keep your pipes from leaking too much.





Speaking of the pipes, you should also insulate those inside your house.  Doing so will allow your shower to heat up quicker, which saves water.  It will also keep your pipes warmer, and prevent leaks.


As you prepare for winter, you will surely be excited to welcome everyone for the upcoming festivities.  However, following this information will also reduce your water usage.  So, go ahead, and spend time with all of your loved ones knowing that your utility bill won’t go through the roof.


–Written by guest contributor, Uma Campbell–


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