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How To Replace Your Window AC Unit With A Mini-Split In Just 5 Steps!

Nick B

Window AC units can be annoying.  You have to take them in and out every year, they never seal right, and birds poop all over them (at least that’s the case with mine).  A mini-split system seems like a good solution, but going through the process of replacing what you have with one seems way too complicated, right?  Wrong!  Lucky for us, the bright minds at Mr. Cool have come up with this comprehensive guide on how one can most efficiently do the job.  All it takes are 5 easy steps!  I would go into more detail, but this video will do the job better than I could, so enjoy.



There you have it, the easiest and clearly best way to get a mini-split into your home.  Find the Mr. Cool DIY series along with a variety of mini-splits ACs all at  While we don’t carry Tannerite (yet) we do have all the plumbing, heating, and HVAC products you need for your next job!

So until next time: stay cool.  (Ok, that sounded better in my head.)


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