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Holidays Our Way

Nick B

With the end of the year comes the Holidays and with them a whole array of activities to celebrate our time with one another.  We exchanged gifts, constructed our best gingerbread houses, and wore our ugliest sweaters.  When our company was just one building, we did these kinds of activities and it’s great to see the tradition continue as we open more locations.  Check out the slide show below to get a feel for the fun we had.



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Activities like these promote our company culture which has guided us from day one.  Learn more about us and what we are all about on the Our Team page.  Also, whenever you need plumbing, heating, or HVAC supplies, be sure to go to  We may like to have fun from time to time, but we are always dedicated to providing the best service, getting you the products you need, as we possibly can.


Happy Holidays!


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