Hilmor Brings Innovation


Slick designs and no sweat use set our site’s newest brand apart. Hilmor produces an array of tools specifically designed with all the features you need to get the job done right (and none of the ones you don’t).


Hilmor began with a simple idea in 1926: to perfect a single product, making the work as straight-forward as possible. That product was the tube bender. Their cold-form benders were the first of their kind and revolutionized how technicians approached their work. From there, Hilmor expanded their reach and continued to bring advanced, streamlined designs for everyday use tools.


Going back to where they started, we supply a variation of benders. The Compact Bender Kit, as well as  their Tri-Tube Benders allow you to measure and bend tubes with their easy-to-read color indicators. Each marking on the side indicates the bend radius, making your job fail-proof. We currently offer two versions, the TC1412 and TC1438, for your different size needs.


Hilmor also provides you with your most basic and necessary tool needs, like a Folding Utility Knife and a Ball End Hex Key Set. Need a new set of Pliers? A Duct Knife? Hilmor’s got you covered with all your future tool requirements.


Find these tools along with all the HVAC, heating, and plumbing products you need at SupplyHouse.com.  Stop by and explore our over 90,000 products, fast shipping options, and vast product information.

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