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Hannukkah in Israel


The Data Team’s 2016 holiday season is officially over…or is it?  Although official work holidays are now behind us, there is one last holiday to celebrate, Hannukkah!  Granted you won’t see massive crowds shuffling through crowded malls, or festive lights decorating rows of houses in every neighborhood, as one would encounter during the Christmas season in the US.  Yet, a simple walk through the Tel Aviv streets and one can smell the festivity in the air, literally!


Each year bakeries around Israel bake up their best batches of Sufganiyot (Donuts) and put them on display for passersby.  A traditional sufganiya is a simple jelly filled donut with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.  Over the past few years, local bakeries have been getting more creative trying to one-up one another with various creations.  This year the data team couldn’t resist indulging on a variety of donuts from a local bakery, called Roladin.  Take your pick, they are all amazing!


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