Grundfos UP Zone Valves


The Grundfos range of UP Zone Valves (UP-ZV) are designed to control your comfort with the latest in robust motor and gearing technology, to ensure long life and quiet operation. The UP-ZV range is designed for closed water heating and cooling applications. It is not intended for potable water applications.

The UP-ZV is compact with an economical design, and comes with an in-line removable by push button actuator, which makes installation and servicing easier. All components are corrosion resistant, and the high gear ratio transmission eliminates gear tooth stress, water hammer issues and valve ‘bouncing’ during closing. The forged brass body is 2-way flow with a high Cv rating and incorporates a durable stainless steel/EPDM valve stem assembly.

These zone valves come with or without end switches, and are available with sweat of threaded connection sizes of 1/2”, 3/4″ or 1”. Each zone valve includes the zone valve body, and a zone valve actuator. Standard features include a manual open/close lever and a removable bottom cap for in-pipe servicing. We also sell the actuator only with or without the end switch.

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