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Get Hot Water Fast Using A ManaBloc Plumbing System



Hot water is always a necessity, but during the colder winter months the ability to get hot water fast is invaluable. Luckily the ManaBloc plumbing system, a relatively new way to plumb water lines, has made this possible.

What is it? The ManaBloc acts as the Grand Central Terminal for the drinking and bathing water in your house. It channels water from your well or your municipal supply via plastic tubes, not metal pipes, to the kitchen faucet or bathroom shower head or wherever the water needs to go. What’s truly remarkable is that for each plumbing fixture, there’s a separate, dedicated delivery line. The result is an energy-efficient, cost-saving plumbing system that reduces water waste and performs even better than many traditional systems.

What really made the ManaBloc system possible was the advent of PEX tubing. “In the days of copper, it was not feasible to install a system like this,” explains Daniel O’Brian, a tech team member here at “That changed with the rise of flexible tubing options, most notably PEX.” PEX tubing allows for faster and more-efficient water flow. Due to its pliability, PEX tubing is easy to fit behind walls. The ManaBloc is designed so that fixtures with lower water volume requirements can be served by tubes of a smaller diameter. This flexibility saves water and, by extension, saves money.

A ManaBloc distribution manifold comes preassembled with three water intake ports and anywhere from 14 to 36 distribution ports, which hook up to either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch distribution lines. Each color-coded port (red for hot, blue for cold) has its own dedicated shut-off valve, giving you complete control over the plumbing system from one central location. “If anything starts leaking around the home or needs to be repaired,” O’Brian says, “you know exactly where you need to go to shut off the water.”

ManaBloc connection fittings are sold separately and come in three styles: compression fittings, crimp fittings, or PEX press fittings. Compression fittings do not require any special tools, while crimp fittings require a crimping tool (a special ManaBloc wrench can help properly tighten the connection). ManaBloc plumbing packages are readily available and include everything you need to get going right away.

We offer a large selection of ManaBloc distribution systems and accessories. Confused on which ManaBloc system is right for you? These instructional videos will explain the basics of shopping for, installing, and using ManaBloc systems:

This post was written in collaboration with Bob Vila

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2 Responses to Get Hot Water Fast Using A ManaBloc Plumbing System

  1. fred johnson says:

    I doing a home with 7 baths 2 washers several bars and outside shower can you use more than one manibloc in line ?

    • Nick B says:

      Hi Fred,

      So on the ManaBloc’s end there is no issue with having multiple in a line, but where you might run into trouble is with water pressure and flow rates from the supply. The largest supply line compatible with a ManaBloc is 1” and that’s typically only good for 4-1/2 baths. Hope this helps!

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