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Gastite FlashShield is Fantastic

Eli now carries Gastite FlashShield corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST)! FlashShield CSST provides natural gas or liquid petroleum to appliances up to 25 PSI, making it suitable for high pressure systems.


FlashShield is the only metallically-shielded gas piping on the market.  The CSST, a flexible 304 alloy, is covered by two additional layers leading to one of the best gas pipes available.  The metallic shield makes it electrically continuous, eliminating manufacturer mandating bonding!  This has been proven to withstand 95% of all simulated direct lightning strikes. The closest competitor tested at only 5%!  FlashShield also features a polyethelyne outer jacket that is thermal resistant and UV rated making it a great option for outdoor installation.  These added features have no affect on the flaring/sealing process.


GasTite FlashShield CSST uses engineered brass fittings called XR3 fittings.  XR3 fittings use flare fittings without the use of special tools.  Simple hand tools such as tubing cutters, wrenches, and utility knives are all that is needed.  XR3 fittings feature standard NPT thread making it ideal for connecting to existing pipe, manifolds, and stub outs.  The tubing style allows the user to use 30-70% less fittings in an application eliminating potential leaking spots.


Several accessories exist to assist in the installation of FlashShield CSST including striker plates, quick connect, shut-off valves, bonding clamps, and tubing cutters.  Check out for any information or answers you may need!


GasTite FlashShield is a fully tested and approved piping system in accordance with the American Standard for Fuel Gas Systems using CSST.  Every installer of FlashShield must meet all applicable qualifications in accordance with local and state code.  In addition, all installers must take a FlashShield training program to become certified.  For more information on certification visit their site.


For Sizing information visit the sizing guide or visit us at! Come check out this revolutionary CSST pipe that makes installation that much easier.


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