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Free Ice Cream?!

Nick B

What’s the best reward you have ever gotten for doing a good job?  A “Nice work!” or a firm handshake?  How about free ice cream?  The call started like any other, a member of our customer service team was helping a customer in need out of a sticky situation by getting them the part they needed.  Only this customer owned a local ice cream factory and the part they needed was the difference between a day of sweet dairy treats or a giant puddle of wasted potential.  (Ice cream should never be allowed to melt!)  So when we were able to get him the specific part he needed right when he needed it he was naturally quite happy.  So much so that he sent over a variety of his ice cream for our entire New York team to enjoy!  And enjoy we did.


Everyone got an opportunity to get whatever flavor they wanted from the assortment sent to us.

And of course there were toppings.  We got our pick of those as well.

It was a tasty time for all of us.  Here at the customer is our #1 concern.  All of our efforts are focused on delivering the best possible experience to every single person who visits our site or calls in.  Gestures like this one are nice reminders that those efforts are not going unnoticed.

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