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“Flushable” Wipes

Nick B


The toilet is not a trash can.  You can’t just throw your garbage down there and expect nothing bad to happen.  Everyone knows that.  Also what’s the point?  Every self respecting bathroom has a trashcan within arms reach of the toilet.  But what if the package specifically says it is ok to flush?  What if a mascot you know and trust assures you that you can use the toilet to dispose their product?  Must be ok to flush it then, right?  Wrong!


Don’t believe his lies.

So just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about flushable wipes and no they are not flushable.  These wipes are designed to aid in, well, the wiping process: saving you toilet paper and leaving you cleaner.  But unlike toilet paper they are not biodegradable and do not quickly break down.  This causes clogs and costly plumbing repairs.  Cities from across the globe have reported flushable wipes related clogs.


So what can you do?  Sure you can risk it and just sue the company who made the wipes once a clog occurs.  Plenty of people and cities are already doing that.  Or you can just throw them away with the rest of the trash in your bathroom.  Yeah that’s a little gross, but it’s better that dealing with a massive clog.  If throwing them in the trash isn’t something you want to do then just use normal toilet paper.  Barbaric, I know.


If you don’t believe my claims, that’s ok, just watch the Consumer Report run test on the wipes in the video below.  They test the wipes’ ability to break down and spoiler: they don’t.

If you are looking to repair a plumbing system devastated by flushable wipes stop by for all of your plumbing needs.  We also have heating and HVAC products too, but that isn’t directly related to this blog post.


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