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FLIR Thermal Imaging Tools Rule!


Our newest brand, FLIR,is a leader in manufacturing low-cost, commercial thermal imaging tools.


Thermal imagers create visual representations of infrared energy that is invisible to the naked eye.  Since most appliances that use or transmit power get hot before they break, thermal imagers are some of the best available predictive maintenance technology.  FLIR’s thermal cameras are especially useful because in addition to creating IR images, they are also equipped with technology that can quickly analyze those images and report their findings.


FLIR’s IR thermometers also provide no-contact temperature measurements, but can do so only in one spot at a time, whereas thermal cameras are capable of analyzing large spaces like whole buildings or HVAC installations. also sells a selection of FLIR’s clamp meters.  Depending on your needs, FLIR’s clamp meters can be flexible, with thermoucouples and  bluethooth, as well as measure AC , AC/DC, or inrush currents.  The choices are almost limitless.


FLIR’s other items that offers include infrared windows, moisture meters, multimeters, and accessories for thermal cameras and clamp meters.


For FLIR’s product line and over 100,000 other plumbing, heating, and HVAC products there is no better place than  Stop by and get what you need for your next job!


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