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Fantech Dehumidifiers


Dehumidifiers are primarily used to remove excess moisture from the air.  Some homes or residences can have moisture problems only at specific times of the year, such as in spring, whilst others may have problems all year round.  There can be certain areas or rooms that need specific attention.  At we sell dehumidifiers to cover most situations, and this blog post will concentrate on Fantech’s popular range.

epd-150lr-1The EPD Series has a low grain refrigerant system that removes more moisture from the air than standard refrigerant systems. These are available with 150 pints or 190 pints capacity.  The low temperature operation to 40°F allows moisture to be removed from the air at lower humidity levels than standard.  There is also a standard refrigeration model that comes with 180 pints or 250 pints capacity. These are commercial grade and have an extremely high daily output.


The GD55S is a light duty dehumidifier, which is ideal for flood recovery and restoration in both commercial and industrial environments.  It features a rotary compressor and includes a folding handle for easy transport. It has 101.2 pints capacity and comes with a 2-speed fan, humidistat and overflow protection with indicator light.

gdc-124cs-1The heavy duty GDC model comes in a choice of stainless steel or heavy duty steel. These have a larger capacity (124 pints) than the GD55S, and they come with a built in condensate pump. They also have a handy on-demand pump purge switch, hour meter, and illuminated On/Off switch.

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