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Employee Spotlight: Christine

Nick B was built on and continues to grow thanks to the people who work here.  Every team member brings a unique and beneficial skill set to the table, helping us continue to provide the best service possible to each and every one of our customers.


The Meet the Team page gives a quick introduction to many of us, but through these Employee Spotlights we’ll be able to show off our team with even more detail.  Through this quick interview, we hope to provide you a better understanding of who’s behind the business and let you see what we already know about our team: that they’re awesome!


So, without further ado, meet Christine, one of more recent additions to the product support team.


How long have you been working at SupplyHouse?
March 5th will be EIGHT MONTHS!  Holy Smokes!  Time flies when you’re having fun!


What does a typical day look like with the product support team?
Depending upon your role on the PS team, your day is mostly divided between taking customer calls, task work, and sometimes Live Chat.  Task Work can vary from answering emails, to answering our website’s Q&As, to answering product questions posted on our Facebook page.  It all varies based on the day and what’s most vital in getting our customers info as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What do you like best about working directly with customers?
You have the opportunity to chat with some of the kindest people in the world that you’d never normally have the opportunity to cross paths with if it wasn’t for this position.  Not a day goes by where at least one customer doesn’t crack a joke or try to make me laugh while on the phones.  It’s always surprising when it happens and it’s so, so welcome.


What is something the rest of us might not know about the product support team?
Sometimes we watch clips from old Home Improvement episodes during our Friday meetings… shhh…


What is your family like?
My Dad is a software engineer with Zebra Technologies, has the best sense of humor, and helps run Patchogue-Medford High School’s Robotics Team (GO TEAM #329!)  My mom is super sweet, makes the best sausage and peppers, and takes dutiful care of my guinea pig, Herman, when I’m at work as well as both of our family’s pups, Lucy and Sally!  Both of my older brothers really prepared me for working on a team chock-full of guys here in product support and, like the fellas in PS, they may be rough-and-tumble on the outside at times, but they’re hilarious and supportive softies on the inside.  Luckily, unlike my brothers, nobody in product support has noogied me with a Sock’em Bopper yet…


What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?
I freelance as an Actor and Director on Long Island.  (, check me out!! There’s also a ton of embarrassing production photos from past shows I’ve done…woops!)  Other than that, you can find me reading, binging Netflix, or eating Taco Bell. (#9 with a soft shell and Baja Blast)


What is your top life highlight?
Back in November I had the fortunate opportunity to Assistant Direct an industry reading of a new play called Paulette under the direction of TONY winner Judith Ivey starring Allison Tolman.  That was kinda cool!


Christine is just one of the talented people we have on our team.  See more of them on the Meet the Team page or learn about our company culture on the Our Team page.  This group of people is the reason why has gotten to where we are today.  When you need plumbing, heating, and HVAC product, these are the people getting you what you need.


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