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Employee Appreciation Day: New York

Nick B

Every year for National Employee Appreciation Day the management team treats us to a day full of surprise activities, delicious lunches, and sweet treats.  This year was no different.  Only told to come into work and to be ready, our New York team was greeted by “Thank You” cards at their desks detailing the events for the day.  First we headed off to a laser tag/arcade to enjoy a morning of throwback games.  There was Ms. Pac-Man, driving games, Skee-Ball, DDR, air hockey and even a crane machine that actually allowed you to win prizes!  Everything down to the tokens and Cheetos were provided by the company, so all we had to do was have fun.  And that was only the beginning of our day!  I can only describe it so much, look through the slideshows below to see it for yourself!

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After that we came back to the office and ate some honestly amazing food.  Served by our management and HR team, we lined up at lunch for tacos!  Tacos are the best.


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To top it all off we were treated to an ice cream bar and a raffle to close out the day.

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Overall, it was a great day. is a company driven by our Core Values.  This mindset results in happy employees and a better outcome for the customers.  Learn about who we are and what values drive us on Our Team page and see the outcome of this effort at  When you are looking for plumbing, HVAC, and heating products, our customer service can’t be beat.

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