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Employee Appreciation Day: Israel


For Employee Appreciation Day, Yair announced a surprise trip for the team to a Bowling Alley! Whilst Bowling is one of America’s favorite past-times, it has not reached those heights in Israel. A few years ago we even tried to arrange a night out to a local lane, but when we arrived we were told it hadn’t been there for years! This time, a place was researched in a neighboring town and the Data Bowling Tournament could begin!

We had a blast over two highly competitive games. Eli took control in the first game with FOUR strikes in a row, but Adam took the second game with his aggressive swing. Other highlights included Anita deciding to let go of the ball during the back-swing, resulting in us running for cover, Yair “Loves a Spare” Vichman, and, I repeat, Eli getting FOUR strikes in a row! Even Jackie went from hugging the gutters to a strike in the space of a few turns. Fun was had by all, and reignited our childhood dreams* of becoming Bowling Legends!

*Might not be true.


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