Earth Day SupplyHouse’s Way

Nick B

In celebration of Earth Day, our New York, New Jersey, and Ohio teams took a day and participated in several activities that brought attention to how we can better treat our planet.  Breaking into smaller groups we tackled all the tasks we set out to do.


We picked up litter

Spent the day with the lights off and only drank from reusable bottles and cups

Planted flowers

And we all got to pick out a succulent to keep on our desks!  Now we just need to keep them alive…

We at promote a company culture of positivity towards ourselves, the people around us, and the world we live on.  Check out Our Team to learn more about us and read through our Core Values for a more in depth look at what drives us.  When you need any plumbing and heating products think of us and support a company working for better, greener future.

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