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DuraVent’s PolyPro Venting System


DuraVentDuraVent’s PolyPro venting system is now available at  PolyPro venting is commonly used in venting condensing boilers, water heaters, and warm air furnaces.

PolyPro is an environmentally safe, 100% recyclable material. It is made from Polypropylene and contains no toxic or carcinogenic material, chlorides, or heavy metals.  PolyPro does not release hazardous gases during combustion, and has been safely used throughout Europe for over 15 years. It is a great venting option for condensing gas appliances, and  at 230°F/110°C, has a higher operating temperature limit  than PVC (149°F/65°C max) or CPVC (194°F/90°C max).  A variety of PolyPro venting options are in stock and ready to ship today!

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